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Clippers-Warriors has turned into a heated rivalry; teams play again on January 30. we’ll find out who the NBA office thinks are its best refs by what officials they put on that game.

Dwight Howard has missed 13 more foul shots than the entire Dallas Mavericks’ team. Howard had 20 rebounds last night, is playing really well for the 19-11 Rockets, but 56% isn’t good and thats an improvement.

Dallas Cowboys signed Jon Kitna for one game; he’s been an algebra teacher in state of Washington the last two years. His one week holding the clipboard will earn Kitna $55,294, more than I make in a year.

Brooklyn Nets’ payroll is $102.2M, by far highest in the NBA; at what point do they pull the plug on Jason Kidd and GM Billy King? Speaking of King, what has he ever done to rate him being an NBA GM?

– I’ve got no opinion on the sleeved unfiorms NBA teams wore Christmas Day, but they need to put numbers on the front, so refs can identify the players better. Uniforms in CYO even have numbers on the front.

I’m not a big fan of the NBA rule that allows the ball to be advanced to the hash mark in the front court when a timeout is called; it creates more interesting end-of-game situations, but it does so in an artificial way.

– This season is just 4th time in last 20 years no NBA coaches got fired before Christmas, maybe because 13 were fired last offseason.

– Toronto Raptors (11-15) are leading their division; only three teams in Eastern Conference are over .500.

– On other hand, Houston Rockets are 19-11, but wouldn’t have the home court edge in first round of the playoffs, if they started today.

Knicks are 0-9 vs the West, 9-10 against the East. If ESPN insists on putting them on TV every Christmas, let them play an eastern team.

Buffalo (2,386 miles) traveled the farthest to its bowl game, other than two teams that played in Hawai’i. Maryland (27 miles) traveled the shortest distance, other than Tulane, which played on its home field.

– Interesting that the NHL takes three full days off for Christmas; no games from the 24th-26th; they’re also taking an Olympic break from Feb 9th-26th. What happens to teams without lot of Olympic participants?



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