Spooky, the name behind the spookyexpress.com, has been infamous in on sports betting forums dating back to the early 2000’s. Back in the early days, Spooky was known for his Spooky Express threads where he gave his thoughts and winning plays for the upcoming games.

Because of Spooky’s posts and his free winning plays, Spooky gained a huge following on any forum where he posted. The contests that he ran only helped his reputation and status on each forum.

It didn’t matter the forum, Spooky always organized the best contests among the members of multiple forums. Year in and year out, Spooky organized and ran March Madness Brackets and Block Pools, 13-Run Pools, Super Bowl Block Pools and many more.

When it came to handicapping, one time of the year is Spooky’s year. It was his College Bowl Picks that really put Spooky on the map during the early years.

Every year, Spooky would post his own private power rankings and explain how he uses them. During the entire Bowl Season, Spooky would continue to update his picks and helped many forum members have a successful and profitable College Bowl Season.

As his reputation grew, owners and operators of online sportsbooks took notice, and Spooky built great relationships with the top online sportsbooks. It is these relationships that allows him offer the best bonuses available on the web as well as take his contests to the next level.

After jumping around from forum to forum for years, Spooky decided to create The Spooky Express website in 2007. At the time, he saw the need to help his fellow sports enthusiasts with a one-stop site to obtain information on the up-to-date and best sportsbook bonus offers. Since 2007, The Spooky Express has also grown to offer Daily Fantasy Sports reviews as well as news and insights on the upcoming games for both the sports enthusiast and fantasy player.

The Spooky Express offers reviews of the Top Online Sportsbooks and Daily Fantasy Sites to give readers extensive information to help them make the best choices to meet their needs. These reviews include the most advantageous bonuses available in the industry simply by joining and using promo code “Spooky”. Spooky Express guarantees that all of the bonus codes listed on our website are active and valid, and that each “Spooky” code gives you the maximum amount of promotions available. You will not find more up-to-the-minute or more valuable bonus codes anywhere else online.

The Spooky Express offers readers current Betting News; including first-class handicapping, free picks and Sports Betting Tips.

The Spooky Express is here to do the legwork for you. From beginner to pro we offer everyone the best “Spooky” bonuses the industry has to offer.

And don’t forget the contests. Through Spooky’s wide array of sportsbook contacts, Spooky has secured sponsorship for his contests, which make them free for Spooky players.

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