It’s that time of year. The best time to bet on sports. You need to know as much as possible to win when you are betting. Let’s take a look at some betting tips to make money on

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Know the situation

Of course when you are betting on sports, you need to make sure you know the teams and the situations involved. If you do not know the teams you are betting on, how are you going to be able to make an educated bet. At that point, if you do not do your homework, you are basically willing to give away your money. Sports betting is not an easy science, and Vegas gets more games right than they do wrong. Know the situation, know the game, and know the teams you are willing to bet on, before you put your money down.

Understand you are investing

If you are betting on sports, you are likely in it for several reasons. But, in the end, there is really only one major reason you are betting on sports. You want to make money. Understand before you start betting on sports that you are going to have to be in sports betting for the long haul. Sure, you can get lucky on a bet and win a large amount of money, but more times than not, that will not work. Understand that you are going to win some bets, and you are going to lose some bets. Stay consistent, and understand that money you are using is an investment towards winning even more money!

Plan Your Bank Roll Management

What this means is – you have to have an idea how you want to bet. It does not make a difference how you do this, but do something you are comfortable with. Some bet 10% or 1 unit on a bet, and others do more, or less. Decide how much you are going to wager on a game, and use a unit system. For example, after you do your homework, do you like this game either with 1 wager, 2 wagers or 3 wagers. It’s not good for bankroll management to go over that. If you wanted to extend to a 5 unit wager, that’s fine, but understand how much money you have in your bankroll, and how you want to manage it.

Find the best values

When you are looking around at sports betting lines, make sure you are finding the best value possible. What this means – use different sportsbooks, and find the best line. You may not think it’s much difference to get a team at -3 or -2.5, but that extra half point may make a huge difference. In the long history of sports betting, you will win considerably more money, if you shop around, and find the best sportsbook odds possible. Make sure you are taking advantage of the perks at all the books, but must important, find the values and take them!

Those are a few of our favorite ways to make money when you are betting. We hope you enjoy the many things MyBookie provides for you. Best of luck, and enjoy your sports betting!

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