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Jan 1, 2019

As many of you know, Spooky has been giving out Free Sports Picks for the past two decades with unbelievably successful results, in forums, on our websites, social media and basically all over.  In addition we have recently introduced here at Spooky Express, our friend Ray from Big Ray Sports and with his dedication and hard work have continually been bringing more and more winners to our readers and followers.

Introducing Big Ray Sports

That said, we want to formally introduce you to Big Ray Sports. 

Many people ask for “more” plays and “more” picks from Spooky. We have been hesitant in offering recommendations for any kind of paid service. But Ray is a no non-sense type of guy with years of experience in the sports betting industry. And he gives out winners day after day.

If Spooky Express is going to recommend anyone at all, this is the guy.  There are only a few handicappers in the world have a consistent track record of positive returns each and every season.

Our Recommendation is Ray at Big Ray Sports.  And you can contact Ray at [email protected]

Shopping for a Sports Service

If you decide to shop around to find a good pick service. Make sure they offer free picks and subscribe to them to get a sense of how good they are.

Big Ray Sports have gone on a 70% documented winning streak alone with his Free Picks here at Spooky Express.  Remember that sports betting takes time and patience and that you are looking for a handicapper who will be able to furnish you with winning picks over the long run. If you can do that, you’ll spend a lot of time in the black while others are seeing red.


Choosing a handicapping service can be tricky.

How do you know which services are good?

How can you determine if a service is a real handicapping provider that knows what they are doing?

The Internet is filled with services who set up a website and simply take people’s cash without providing them with any real benefit or service.  Always look for a sports handicapping service that has a good and long track record. They should be able to provide you with solid information that covers entire seasons of various sports.

As a serious sports bettor, you want each and every edge that you can possibly get. When deciding on whether or not you’re going to hire a sports handicapping service, you need to determine if it will be cost efficient. Weigh how often you bet, how much you’ve been winning and how much time you spend making your picks.

If you are interested in learning more about Big Ray Sports picks and their services — contact Ray at [email protected] or [email protected] 

Let him know Spooky Express thinks he is the best there is!

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