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by | Oct 27, 2017 | Horse Racing

Betting at Breeders Cup

I have always followed horseracing, particularly the NY circuit and with an emphasis on Saratoga.  The past few years I have been paying more attention to other tracks across the country and of course, the Breeder’s Cup Day.

Over the past five years, the average payout for a Breeder’s Cup winner has been $11.00. That is an odds of 3-1.  That is not to say the occasional longshot does not win. Last year started with a $69.20 winner in CHAMPAGNE ROOM in the Juvenile Fillies and the day ended with, ARROGATE paying $5.40.  

The average exacta on Saturday paid $65.00 (excluding the $723 exacta with CHAMPAGNE ROOM). Not a bad pay out for a $2 wager. I will take $65.00 all day long, but the average payout over the past 5 years has been $25.  A repeat of last year’s winnings would be a welcome sight to any gambler.

Multiple race exotic wagers are surely to pay well with the amount of money in the pools. There will be 11 rolling doubles, nine rolling Pick 3’s ($1 minimal), three rolling Pick 4’s (.50 cent minimal) and of course the Pick 6 for a minimal of $2.  Last year the cheapest Pick 3 paid $168.90 with the highest paying $1602.90.  Last year the Pick 4’s paid; $1003.25, $2,308.35 and $7,696.85. If you follow my thread you all know I like the Pick 4’s.   Deep pocket gamblers will try their luck at the Pick 6. Last year the Pick 6 paid $292, 423.20, but who knows what the price of a minimal $2 ticket will cost.  

 For the gambler like myself, I prefer the .50 wager where I can take a chance with more horses and hope for large payout.  I do like to single a horse in a race and take a chance with an “ALL” wager in another. It is a chance you take, but if you can find that one horse to give you the advantage of taking more horses in another race, it is worth the risk/reward.  

Take a Pick 4 wager that is 3x1x14x3. This wager for .50 cents would cost you $63.00. Yes, we singled a horse in the second leg, but we gave ourselves coverage in the third leg with ALL (14) horses. We now have turned the PICK 4 into a PICK 3, only needing our horses to win 3 of the 4 races since we have them ALL covered in one of the races.

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Choosing what races to do this wager in is key. You need to look at horses and decide if any of the races are deserving of a “single.”  A few year back I took a chance with BEHOLDER and GOLDENCENTS.  My ticket was ALL x 1 x ALL x 1.   The ticket cost us $208 ($104.00 each, half with a friend). It was a $2 ticket, but we ended up winning over $2000. Ordinarily I would never bet that much, especially on a $2 ticket, but finding that single (no less two of them) gave us the chance to go “ALL” in other legs.

My suggestion for the day would be to take chances on the doubles, and or Pick 3’s. Choose 3 or 4 horses a race and throw in a long shot as your 4th horse. A wager of 4x4 (four horses each race for $2) would cost you $32.00. Based on last year’s payouts you will at least double your money. A wager of 3x3 will only cost you $18.00. A wager of $1 of a Pick 3 using three horses per race is only $27.00. Based on last year’s payouts you will profit over $141.00 on the cheapest Pick 3.

I will have more articles leading up to Breeder’s Cup over the next few weeks.

Good luck and thanks for horseracing with Dietz!


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