College Football Betting Guide

by Spooky Express | October 25, 2021 |

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

South Florida at East Carolina
Troy at C. Carolina

Friday, Oct 29, 2021

Navy at Tulsa
UNLV at Nevada

Saturday, Oct 30, 2021

Bowling Green at Buffalo
Cincinnati at Tulane
Indiana at Maryland
Iowa at Wisconsin
Miami (Fla.) at Pittsburgh
Michigan at Michigan St.
Rutgers at Illinois
Texas at Baylor
Texas St. at Louisiana
UCF at Temple
Massachusetts at Liberty
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech
Iowa St. at West Virginia
North Texas at Rice
Hawaii at Utah St.
Missouri at Vanderbilt
Washington St. at Arizona St.
Boston College at Syracuse
Colorado at Oregon
FIU at Marshall
Florida St. at Clemson
UL-Monroe at App. St.
Louisiana Tech at Old Dominion
Minnesota at Northwestern
Purdue at Nebraska
TCU at Kansas St.
Texas Tech at Oklahoma
Georgia at Florida
So. Miss at Middle Tenn.
Charlotte at W. Kentucky
Duke at Wake Forest
Wyoming at San Jose St.
Arkansas St. at South Alabama
Georgia St. at Ga. Southern
Arizona at USC
Boise St. at Colorado St.
Kansas at Okla. St.
Ole Miss at Auburn
Oregon St. at California
SMU at Houston
Kentucky at Miss. State
Louisville at NC State
Penn St. at Ohio St.
North Carolina at Notre Dame
UCLA at Utah
Virginia at BYU
Fresno St. at San Diego St.
Washington at Stanford

Each year during the college football season, millions upon millions of dollars are spent wagering on NCAA College Football.

This year is no different but unlike other years, the Spooky Express is taking a bit of a different approach with providing you endless information to help guide you along through your college football gambling.

Each year, the Spooky Express provides you with weekly game matchups, various conference previews, and of course the Spooky Express Bowl Handicapping Selections.

This College Football Betting Guide will contain all of the information you will need to get started with your research for the season. College Football has gained its popularity within the gambling clients of Spooky Express and in general due to the increased amount of options you can wager and the amount of televised broadcasted games.

With most sports, there are a handful of options to wager but with College Football, the types of wagers are really endless. Most of the Spooky Express recommended online sportsbooks will offer College Football wagering with the following types of bets:

  • Point Spread Betting
  • Moneyline Wagers
  • Total Over/Under Betting
  • Parlay Wagers
  • Teasers
  • Prop Wagers

Each of these wagers has its benefits to the bettor and can be advantageous to play through different sportsbooks. Each sportsbook will have its own unique odds and we strongly recommend you have at least several options from which you can play. The most successful gamblers in the world will utilize several different online sportsbooks and use the lines to their benefit.

College Football Betting Strategies

There are hundreds of ways that various handicappers and bettors alike plan how they will spend their bankroll. College Football can either be really profitable or you can exhaust your entire bankroll in just a few weeks. I always like to say that people don’t plan to fail, but they fail to plan. Without a strategy on betting and without a game plan for sustainability, there is no way to remain in this industry.

You can ask 10 different professional handicappers and they will give you 10 different theories on what is the best way to be successful in College Football betting. No one way is 100% correct and none of them are going to win every time but tracking the overall win percentage of various theories will help you in the long run.

The one thing that we can say without a shadow of a doubt, is the fact that you can use various sportsbooks to bet the best and most favorable line in a game, to stack the deck in your favor.

I highly recommend you checking out the following articles prior to the NCAA College Football Season and freshen up on some strategies that we feel are important and beneficial for long-term sustainability in NCAA College Football Betting.

NCAA College Football Regular Season Future Handicapping – Take a look at some of our favorite NCAA College Football Future Wagers for various teams in the FBS.

NCAA College Football National Championship Future Handicapping – Take a look at a few National Championship future wagers that we have posted for our early season predictions.

ACC Conference Future Wagers – Check out a few wagers that we like from the ACC Conference to bet early on in the season!

SEC Conference Future Wagers – Check out a few wagers that we like from the SEC Conference to bet early on in the season!

PAC-12 Conference Future Wagers – Check out a few wagers that we like from the PAC-12 Conference to bet early on in the season!

BIG10 Conference Future Wagers – Check out a few wagers that we like from the BIG10 Conference to bet early on in the season!

BIG12 Conference Future Wagers – Check out a few wagers that we like from the BIG12 Conference to bet early on in the season!

Gambling Strategy: Line Shopping – This article will explain to you some great reasons on why you should always have a minimum of three to five online sportsbooks and break down how having the ability to use the most beneficial line in your favor, to beat the sportsbooks!

Profitable Sports Betting Tips – This article will break down some random aspects of money management and using your bankroll to your advantage

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