Spooky Express Betting Tips – SEC Breakdown and Future Bets to Play

by Earl Campbell | July 23, 2021 |

The SEC is looking at a bit of parody this year relative to recent seasons, with the CFB powerhouse Alabama leading the conference year in and year out when it comes to odds. This season should be a bit different as you could argue that Georgia has the better QB play and maybe even receiver play early in the season, something that couldn't be said recently. We also have a surging Texas A&M team that is looking to establish themselves as a true SEC power.

Alabama's Dominance in Doubt

Alabama is -175 to win the SEC, which on the surface doesn't sound like a tiny number, but for a team as dominant as the Crimson Tide, I'd expect a number a bit higher in a standard season. I do think this year sets up a bit differently, and I am a bit down on the Tide overall, just like Vegas is. I won't lay the number here, probably to my detriment, because of a lot of factors.

Alabama's receiving group doesn't look like the ones of years past. The hiring of Bill O'Brien at OC also doesn't feel like it could be without a hiccup. While they are breaking in a new QB just like other powers Clemson and Ohio State, these are the three best QBs in their recruiting class, all of which I expect to look like seasoned vets by the end of the year.

The defense is talented as always, but I think they will have to rely on young players a bit more than they are comfortable with, and that's not super enticing for me.

Georgia's Year?

I like the Bulldogs here, especially if they lose to Clemson in a close game early in the season. The way I'll approach this bet will be to sprinkle Georgia before that game and then hit it again if they do lose that game at a larger number. 

The Bulldogs have recruited incredibly well, and this should really show up this year with legitimately good QB play and the transfer of Arik Gilbert after losing George Pickens to an injury early in spring camp. 

I think the Bulldogs have it a bit easy this season without the matchup with Alabama and the lack of a second power in the SEC West, with Florida losing most of their production from last season.

The Rest of the Pack

Texas A&M is the third betting favorite, but I just can't lay +1000 on a team the routinely gets stomped by Alabama and hasn't really shown me a reason to believe in their ability to get over the hump. 

My favorite longshot is easily Ole Miss, a team with an offensive mind at HC, a talented QB that has produced great games and upside, and a team that should grow over time when it comes to recruiting. I don't think that they are there or even close yet, but I do think the peak upside of this team is there to compete with any team if there is chaos, especially at +2800 on MyBookie.

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