Big Mike’s Premium Plays on Spooky Express

by Spooky Express | March 30, 2022 |

All Big Mike's Premium Plays are now post on the following page

A few months ago, towards the middle of January 2021, we made the decision to bring on another handicapper and our selection has truly paid off. Everyone, welcome Big Mike to the party!

Big Mike specializes in Basketball, both NBA and College Hoops, though he also likes to get his hands dirty on some other sports such as baseball.

Since coming on board with us here at Spooky Express, Big Mike has been nothing less than spectacular. His record speaks for itself and his numbers are yet to be contested.

Literally day in and day out, Big Mike is pumping out winners at ridiculous win rates and we truly love having Big Mike on board.

Big Mike isn't like many others. He doesn't give out a handful of plays. He picks 1, sometimes 2 and on a very rare occasion he will give 3 plays out on any given night.

He believes in the theory that you only need 1 or 2 wins to put money in your pocket…if you're picking the right plays. Check him out daily right here at Spooky Express!

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