College Football DFS Top 5 Tips For A Winning Lineup

by Sep 12, 2018Fantasy College Football

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As many of you noticed, if you live in one of the permitted states, you can now play DFS in College Football. College Football DFS has always been one of our elite topics to cover, mainly because if you play your cards right, it can be very profitable.

With that being said, there are a few minor mistakes that we see time and time again that will drastically affect your final outcome in DFS Tournaments.

In this article, we will cover the Top 5 DFS Tips to put you on the road to cashing those big DFS tournaments in College Football!

Use The Two QB System

There should be no secret that the key to winning a big tournament is landing two top quarterbacks in a tournament. Some people like to pay up for one QB and then try to find a cheaper QB that they will use in the S/Flex position. Some people like to use two medium priced QB’s so they get a 30-40 point accumulation for each.

No matter how you decide to do it, make sure you don’t waste that extra position on a player that is going to max out at about 20 points. You want to get the most points you can out of those two positions, each and every game to have a chance at winning and the best way that we have found is by using two strong quarterbacks in College Football.

Use Vegas Odds and Totals

You are going to want to make sure you use players from games where the oddsmakers feel will be the highest scoring games. If you have the option of taking a starting running back from a game with an expected total of 45 points and a starting running back from a team that has an expected total of 70 points, you probably are going to want to take the RB from the game with the 70 point total.

Now, that isn’t always the case as there are times when the RB in the 45 point game is expected to get many more carries due to the game flow but in most situations, the higher the point total, the better off you will be!

Avoid Blowouts!

We’ve all seen the top-ranked teams with their 5-star prospects open up the season against the cupcakes and when this happens, we all know and expect a blowout. When there is a blowout, that means that the players are going to score a lot and you will win your tournament right? WRONG!

In College Football, teams pull their players early in the game, when they are leading by an amount that would prevent the other team from coming back, to preserve their player's health and to give the younger guys some real time experience on the field. There are countless times when a starting Running Back of a team will come into a game, racking up 70 yards and a touchdown and then put on a baseball hat to plan for the following week.

Sure, if he stays in the game and continues posting big numbers, then you will be fine but if he gets yanked from the game with 70 yards and a TD, you will end up with 13 points and that isn’t winning you any DFS tournaments in this day and age.

Twitter is your friend, USE IT!

Finding out player information in College Football is not as easy as finding information in the NFL. With the NFL, you can basically watch the inactives and know who will be starting, who will be riding the bench and who won’t even be traveling with the team.

That isn’t always the case in College Football. At times, it can be difficult to determine which players are starting and how many carries a player will get in a game. The absolute best option for researching College Football news is Twitter. Twitter provides most of the local beat writers who are contributing for their local newspaper and that inside news is worth its weight in gold.

A local beat writer will know which players are getting reps that week with the first team and which players have been sitting on the sidelines with aching injuries. By all means, use Twitter for what it is worth and save yourself headaches of having a player rostered that didn’t get a carry in the game.

Fade Chalky Players

We’ve all heard it before, guys with high ownership are not going to benefit your roster but we also know that having those low owned, diamonds in the rough can win you a tournament! If you have a player in your lineup that is 60% owned and he puts up a goose egg on the stat line, you might as well stop following your lineup because I can assure you that you will not be cashing.

That being said, if you have a player that puts up 60 points in a game and is less than 5% owned, well chances are you’re going to be in really good shape! This is why it is conducive to fade those chalky players that you feel will be highly owned and try to find those low owned players.

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