FanDuel Golf has arrived.

FanDuel Golf combines everything you love about FanDuel Football — the big plays, the sleeper sensations, and the nail-biting finishes — with all the finesse and precision of golf.

Here are some ins and outs to help you get started playing FanDuel's Fantasy Golf.

In FanDuel Fantasy Golf every hole matters. No matter who the player is or what round they are in, Always remember every hole matters. You players’ score points for individual hole performance, streaks, and real-world finishing position.

Let's set up your play: You start off by drafting 8 golfers: 4 golfers for Rounds 1-2, and 4 different golfers for Rounds 3-4. (Note… The entire lineup (all 8 golfers) locks at the start of Round 1 – so make sure and pick each player and each round wisely. When picking your players:

  • Consider each players past performance on that week’s course.
  • Look for players who have had recent success.
  • Look for players that are playing without any type of known injuries.
  • Try to pick players that are currently contenders on the tour, you get rewarded if he finishes in the tournament’s top 25.


All players are assigned a salary or point value. Their salary or point value is based on skill and past performances. For each tournament you enter, you will be will be given a “salary cap”. When drafting your Fantasy Golf team for all 4 rounds, you must stay under the salary cap. Your players will earn points bases on how they play in the rounds you select them for. However you also get points if any of your players finish in the real-world tournament’s top 25 (no matter what round you originally selected them for).

Points for each hole:

7 points for an Eagle or better
3.1 points for a Birdie
0.5 point for Par
-1 point for a Bogey
-3 points for a Double Bogey or worse

Points for Finishing Position (Based on final tournament position on leaderboard)

20 points if one of your players finishes the tournament in 1st Place
12 points if one of your players finishes the tournament in 2nd – 5th Place
8 points if one of your players finishes the tournament in 6th – 10th Place
5 points if one of your players finishes the tournament in 11th – 25th Place

Bonuses Points

0.6 point for Consecutive holes in a row under par – “Streak Bonus”
0.3 point for Hole under par after hole over par – “Bounce Back”
4 points if any player finishes a round with 5+ holes under par – “5+ Birdies”
5 points for if any player has a round with no holes over par – “Bogey-Free Round”

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