Top 2017-2018 NBA DFS Tips For FanDuel

by Oct 22, 2017Fantasy NBA

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We are just a few games into the 2017-2018 regular season and the Spooky Express is cashing DFS lineups!  We firmly believe in staying within the guidelines that have led us to collecting the top prize in GPP’s time and time again.  This article, will give you a brief breakdown of what to do and what to avoid doing so that you can increase your chances of winning NBA DFS!

Know Your DFS Site Scoring

Far too often, I see people that truly do not know how the scoring system works in DFS. The truth is if you ask 10 people how many points you get for a 3 pointer in FanDuel, maybe half of the people would be able to get the answer correct.  How can you win a contest and construct a winning lineup if you don’t know the correct scoring system?  

FanDuel NBA Scoring (Updated October 21, 2017)

3 pt FG = 3 points
2 pt FG = 2 points
Free Throw = 1 point
Rebound = 1.2 points
Assist = 1.5 points
Blocked Shot = 3 points
Steal = 3 points
Turnover = -1 point

Twitter Is Your Friend!

If you are going to play DFS, no matter if it is basketball, baseball or football, utilize Twitter to the fullest!  Twitter is the single most important aspect of my playing style as it helps me find out who is playing, who is injured, who will be limited in minutes and up to date breaking news stories that may affect players in your lineups.  If you do not have a Twitter account, immediately set one up and follow some of the best handicappers and news sites available.  Some Twitter feeds that we recommend are the following:

Spooky Express
NBA News
Sporting News
Earl Campbell

Minutes Per Game Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

It should come to no surprise that minutes are worth their weight in gold.  Many times, we find ourselves caught between a rock and a hard place in determining who we will take in our lineups between two players. One of the best ways to make the determination is by finding out who will play more minutes. Think of it this way, more minutes mean more opportunity to score points, so it is only fair to think that those who play more minutes are going to score more DFS points.  

Ride The Hot Streaks

In the NBA, players are streaky, both good and bad, so use it to your advantage to get the best players in your lineups.  If you notice that a player is scoring 30-40 points for 3-4 straight games, chances are he will do it again.  Don’t be afraid to pick him just because he has been hot and you “think” he is going to have a normal game.  Ride out the streak and get those hot players in your lineups!

Avoid Players From Low Pace Games

One of the best ways to lose a DFS tournament is by taking players from those slow, boring paced games.  Utah Jazz had the lowest pace or possessions last year at 93.1 possessions per game.  Well, they also had some of the lowest scoring DFS players in all of the NBA.  There is a direct correlation between the two factors as the less amount of times you have the ball means the slower the pace is of the game.  Therefore, look for those players from teams that play at a higher pace so you can get those extra points!

Avoid Players Off Back-To-Back Games

It’s no secret that the NBA can be tough on players and when players have to travel on back-to-back nights, it is difficult for those players to find success as they become tired over time and just aren’t as fresh as they could be with games in between.  This is why we recommend you avoid playing players coming off back-to-back games.

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