Breaking Down Madden NFL 20 Betting

by Earl Campbell | March 23, 2021 |

As the worldwide lockdown continues, sports fans look for new and exciting ways to spend their nights and weekends. For those of us that couldn’t get our heads all the way around esports, many sportsbooks are beginning to offer SIM sports.

The primary difference is that the computer’s artificial intelligence plays the game, rather than human players. However, a few sites have recently launched SIM leagues and tournaments that include professional athletes playing as their team. Sort of a combination of esports and SIM if you will.

Leading The Pack

The most popular of these games for bettors and fans seems to be EA Sports’ Madden ‘20. Madden’s a wildly popular NFL game that has done nothing other than explode over the past twenty years. Esports’ Madden players are some of the highest paid in the world.

Now that there are a flurry of Madden leagues, bettors again have something to fill their time. Most online sportsbooks are offering SIM Madden played by both AI, or by professional athletes or celebrities. In my opinion, for gambling purposes, it’s better to stick with the traditional AI SIM. Unless you have insider info on the actual game players.

Betting on the AI simulation allows you to know less about the game and more about the NFL itself. After all, the best and worst teams and players in the league last season can be easily googled. Game play cannot. In the current Madden format, rosters are set to the 2019-20 season, so no Brady/Gronk combo for you Tompa Bay fans.

Get Acquainted

You should familiarize yourself with Madden gameplay if you plan to wager large amounts. You’ll want to see the on field quirks of players and teams first hand. Not all teams and players may be ranked the way you think they should. No better way to find out than to play a few games yourself.

Most sportsbooks are offering the same bets on SIM as in real life NFL play, including props!! Which I must say, is pretty awesome. You can play totals, moneyline, spreads, you name it, it’s being offered somewhere. Go have some fun this weekend. Check out the SIM betting on your favorite sportsbook and relieve some of that quarantine stress. Good luck, have fun, and stay safe out there.

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