DFS NFL Lineup Tips: Defenses/Kickers- Week 2

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Fantasy NFL

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Now that the core of your lineup should be built it’s time to take a look at the last two positions which are kickers and defenses. With kickers you want to choose kickers from high scoring games and kickers with strong legs. While defenses you want to target defenses from teams that are heavy favorites because when a team is down they tend to throw the ball more which increases the chance for interceptions and sacks. I will list my top three kickers as well as my top three defenses to help you build a strong cash lineup. With that being said let’s take a look at the kickers for this week!


Stephen Gostowski Patriots
The Patriots are playing in a dome and in a game with a 56 point total. Given the total projection and the fact that this game is in a dome Gostowski is the top kicker on my list this week.

Matt Bryant Falcons
The Falcons are at home and are playing in the 2nd highest projected game total this week. The Falcons should be able to put up a lot of points in this game which means chances for field goals and extra points should be aplenty.

Will Lutz Saints
The Saints are playing at home and are playing in the highest projected total for the week. The Patriots have a good red zone defense which should equate to field goal opportunities. The game is indoors so weather will not be a factor in this game.

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Andrew Luck and the starting center are still out for the Colts. We advised on taking the Rams last week because of those two factors and it paid off, so we will go back to the team playing the Colts again. The Cardinals have a better secondary than the Rams which will help them with interceptions no matter if Brissett or Tolzien is at quarterback.

The Jets are one of the worst teams if not the worst team in the NFL. They don’t have an offensive line that can protect the quarterback and lack any above average receivers. The Raiders are playing at home and are favored by 13.5.

The Seahawks are playing at home and are favored by 14 points. The 49ers are still in full rebuild mode and have been hammered by the Seahawks when playing in Seattle. The Seahawks should be able to shut down Hoyer and force a few takeaways in this game.

Now that the positional articles for this week are complete, hopefully you take them into consideration when building your cash game lineups. Good luck this week in all of your contests!

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