DFS Lineup Tips for Divisional Round Weekend in the NFL

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Fantasy NFL


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Divisional Round Weekend is upon us and our goals for the weekend consist of cashing in on those BIG GPP's and Cash Games over at FanDuel, Draftkings, FantasyDraft or Fan Picks.  

There are some decent money making tournaments this week that the Spooky Express will be giving some lineup advice for and hopefully one of our readers are able to cash in on this large prize pool. 

You also should really consider entering a few lineups into some of these satellite tournaments you have some tickets built up in your bank.  Let's jump in and see what we came up with for this week.

AFC Divisional Round Game – Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts

The first Divisional Round game will take place on Saturday between the Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts.  The Chiefs have the best offense in the NFL but the week off may play a role in their scoring this week.  This should be one of the higher scoring games of the week with a majority of our selections coming from this particular game.  The following are the top players that we like from this game: 

Name Position Team Notes
Andrew Luck Quarterback Indianapolis Colts Most people are going to play Patrick Mahomes, can't really blame them but I will rank Luck over him this week due to the Colts defense. The Colts secondary has been decent and they have a mastermind at Defensive Coordinator. I think some people may be shocked at what they do with Mahomes as a young QB and pull off some major shutdown of the rookie!
Marlon Mack Running Back Indianapolis Colts It's no secret, KC can't stop the run. So that means the Colts should hand the ball to Marlon Mack and let him chew up the clock, keeping the ball away from Mahomes and the KC Offense.
Damien Williams Running Back Kansas City Chiefs With Spencer Ware carrying the questionable tag, Williams stands to be in for a big day at home. Williams has scored 4 touchdowns in his last 4 games, and when the Chiefs have the ball down in the red zone, we can expect to see him get the ball often!
Tyreke Hill Wide Receiver Kansas City Chiefs Hill is pretty much matchup proof and no matter how good this Colts secondary is, he is going to find ways to get you points. The kid is really good, one of the best in the NFL, and you simply can't leave him out of your lineups.
Dontrell Inman Wide Receiver Indianapolis Colts TY Hilton hasn't practiced all week and that is a bit concerning to me. Colts say he is fine and it is a precautionary measure however its the playoffs and everyone is injured in their own way. Inman has scored TD's in each of the last 3 games and should carry lower ownership this week than Hilton.
Eric Ebron Tight End Indianapolis Colts No one in the NFL covered Tight Ends worse this year than the KC Chiefs. Ebron has been great all year long and is sort of Andrew Lucks security blanket. He has scored touchdowns, when it counts, meaning he put up a TD in the final game of the season against Tennessee and then another last week against Houston in the Wild Card Game. He allows you to save a little bit from the other high price options and is my top TE on the slate!


NFC Wild Card Game – Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019

Dallas Cowboys vs. LA Rams

The second game on Saturday will feature the Dallas Cowboys and the LA Rams facing off.  A lot of people are expecting this game to be a high scoring game, simply because the Rams are playing but I wouldn't be so sure on that.  We sort like the defenses from this game over the offensive positions.  The following are our top plays from this game:  

Name Position Team Notes
Jared Goff Quarterback LA Rams If you are going to pick a QB from this game, which I really don't suggest, I would go with Goff. With Gurley being banged up, the Rams may choose to lessen his load and put the ball in the hands of Goff.
Ezekiel Elliott Running Back Dallas Cowboys Elliott is much like Tyreke Hill in the fact that he is matchup proof. The Rams have a decent rushing defense but he will get his carries and will also catch a few passes out of the backfield.
R.Woods/B.Cooks Wide Receiver LA Rams You can pick either WR of the Rams and be safe. They both have nearly identical numbers and I don't see either one as having a major advantage over the other.
Rams Defense LA Rams I really could see this game being a low scoring defensive battle. I would be safe playing either the Rams or the Cowboys, but definitely give the edge to the Rams.
Cowboys Defense Dallas Cowboys Again, I like both defenses in this game. Dallas should come out motivated in the first half of this game and put together a decent plan to get into the backfield of the Rams. I expect the Cowboys will get several sacks in this game, which is more than other teams playing this week.
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AFC Wild Card Game – Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019

New England Patriots vs. LA Chargers

You are going to want to pay close attention to the weather of this game before you lock in your lineups.  Depending on which weather source you use, they are calling for temps in the low 20's and potential for snow and wind.  If that is the case, be very careful with the passing game of both teams.  James White is probably your best overall option because he is used out of the backfield and as a runner.  The following are the players that we do like from the game:  

Name Position Team Notes
Tom Brady Quarterback New England Patriots Mr. Reliable is back in the postseason. How do you not list him as one of the top QB's. He shines in the postseason and I expect the same this year. Expect a big game, weather permitting, for Brady!
Philip Rivers Quarterback LA Chargers As I said above, this play is weather permitting. They are calling for it to be cold and snowy in New England. That being said, other forecasters are saying the storm could pass them right over and miss Foxborough. If that happens, expect a high scoring battle.
James White Running Back New England Patriots The Chargers have a nice defense but for whatever reason, they don't defend the RB position very good coming out of the backfield for a passing option. That is a strong attribute for White, who has been targetted 16 times in the Patriots last 3 games. Most people will fire up the likes of Ingram, Kamara, and Gurley but not look at the lower owned option like White. Sign me up for a big day from the Pat's RB!
Keenan Allen Wide Receiver LA Chargers There is a major price discrepancy between where Allen ranks this week on Draftkings, FanDuel, FanPicks, and FantasyDraft. The bottom line, he is one of the best. He may not be priced as such, especially on FanDuel and FantasyDraft, but play him accordingly!


NFC Wild Card Game – Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles

While last week was all about low scoring games, this week we should get a glimpse of some higher scoring games.  One of the highest scoring games, I would anticipate being this Saints vs. Eagles game.  The following are the players from this game that we like on Sunday:

Name Position Team Notes
Drew Brees Quarterback New Orleans Saints No doubt, Brees is going to have high ownership but I sort of think you have to have him in your lineups. He will be the highest scoring QB in my opinion, facing a lax Philadelphia secondary. He ate them up in the first matchup so no reason to think he won't do it again.
Alvin Kamara Running Back New Orleans Saints Kamara should be well rested after having the final week of the regular season off for rest and then having the bye week off. The Saints are back on the field this week and Kamara should be in for a heavy workload.
Michael Thomas Wide Receiver New Orleans Saints Listen to me….Michael Thomas is going to have a BIG GAME! This Eagles secondary has gotten worse since the last game with the Saints and in that game, Thomas put up 92 yards and a touchdown. Keep in mind, that game was well under control in the 4th so his touches were sort of limited. Won't be the case here. I expect he goes over 100 yards and not 1, but 2 TDS!
Golden Tate Wide Receiver Philadelphia Eagles Tate and Jeffery are about the same but if you have to take one player from Philadelphia, it would be Tate. He is a bit cheaper than Jeffery and holds the same level of value.
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