Welcome to Playoff Hockey! Tonight’s slate has four games on it. We have two teams that are -150 are better favorites in the Capitals (who really need a win more on that later) and the Bruins. We have one game with a 5.5 in the Capitals/Leafs and one that is at 5 that is trending towards the over in the Ducks/Flames. With that being said here is tonight’s FantasyDraft lineup for NHL.

C: Nicklas Backstrom (14,800)
The Capitals are in a must-win situation because if they lose the Leafs will be up 3-1 and I wouldn’t see the Capitals coming back from that. Yes, the Capitals usually choke in the playoffs, but I really believe they make the Stanley Cup this season. I also want to target the 1st line and Power Play line of the Capitals. Backstrom plays on the 1st line with Oshie and Ovechkin and that makes him a great play tonight. Backstrom has 86 points on the season with 23 goals and 63 assists.

C: Ryan Getzlaf (14,600)
The game that is trending towards the over 5 is the Ducks/Flames game. Neither team is a heavy favorite as it is a 50/50 game, so we can target both sides. I like targeting Power Play lines and Getzlaf plays on the 1st line as well as the Power Play line for the Ducks. Getzlaf has 73 points on the season with 15 goals and 58 assists.

W: Alex Ovechkin (17,300)
I am all over the Capitals tonight as I think there is no way they lose this game. I want exposure to the 1st line and Power Play line. Ovechkin I believe will go off tonight and get a goal and a few assists. Ovechkin has 69 points on the season with 33 goals and 36 assists.

W: Andrew Cogliano (8,600)
Cogliano is a nice value play for us tonight and allows us to get some of the more expensive players into our lineup. Cogliano plays on the 2nd line for the Ducks which will get us exposure to the 2nd line of the Ducks. Cogliano has 35 points 16 goals and 19 assists.

D: Brandon Montour (5,800)
Montour is close to the minimum price as a spot that’s always good to punt. He plays with the 1st unit for the Ducks and is almost too good not to use tonight at his current price. Montour has 6 points on the season with 2 goals and 4 assists.

Util: T.J. Oshie (13,900)
Oshie is the last player from the 1st line of the Capitals and I believe the 1st line is going to go crazy tonight. The Capitals will win and the 1st line we get at a minimum 2 goals in this game. Oshie has 56 points on the season with 33 goals and 23 assists.

Util: Shea Theodore (7,300)
Even though the Flames/Ducks game is a 50/50 I really like the Ducks tonight and I want exposure to their different lines. Theodore plays with the 2nd Defensive unit. Theodore has 9 points on the season with 2 goals and 7 assists.

Team G: Bruins (16,900)
The Bruins should win tonight they are -165 favorites which make them the biggest favorite on the slate. They are playing in a game total of 5 which isn’t trending towards the over. They are also playing at home. All three make them a very good choice for our Team G tonight.

Here is our FantasyDraft lineup:

  • C: Nicklas Backstrom (14,800)
  • C: Ryan Getzlaf (14,600)
  • W: Alex Ovechkin (17,500)
  • W: Andrew Cogliano (8,600)
  • D: Brandon Montour (5,800)
  • Util: T.J. Oshie (13,900)
  • Util: Shea Theodore (7,300)
  • Team G: Boston Bruins (16,900)

As always good luck and let’s build our FantasyDraft bankrolls! Make sure to check out the winning lineup for tonight’s baseball slate!

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