Let me preface this article by stating these are strictly cash game plays as a majority of these guys will be chalk. With that being said here are the NHL plays for Wednesday, February 1st, 2017.


When it comes to picking a goalie for daily NHL I look for three components: They are playing at home, the team they are playing for are at the minimum a -150 favorite, and their game total is 5. With that being said the Goalie pick for today is: Peter Budaj

The Kings enter today's game as an overwhelming favorite at -290 and they are going against one of the lowest scoring teams in the NHL in the Avalanche. Lock him into your FanPicks lineup.

  • Goalie: Peter Budaj

Line Stack

When picking a line stack I generally go with the favorite team in the highest projected total on the board, however all the games today have a total of 5. With that being said the Kings are the team with the highest team total today, so we will be stacking their line today.

  • Center: Anze Kopitar

Kopitar and Carter are both strong plays today. Kopitar is the cheaper option of the two and will see plenty of minutes as he plays on the first line as well as the power play line. Both reasons are the reason he is the play at Center tonight.

  • Right Wing: Dustin Brown

Brown is a cheaper option and plays with Kopitar on the 1st line. With the Avalanche allowing a lot of goals look for Brown to at least get a point tonight.

  • Left Wing: Tanner Pearson

Pearson plays with Kopitar on the power play line. The Avalanche are one of the worst teams in killing the power play. Look for Pearson to be involved in the scoring fest tonight.

Now let's look at filling the rest of our lineup:

  • Center: Nicklas Backstrom

I look for the Capitals to bounce back tonight even though they are facing the Bruins. The Capitals are at home and Backstrom has been playing excellent this season. Look for him to be involved tonight.

  • Right Wing: TJ Oshie

Oshie has been playing well all season and has flown under a lot of people's radar. He is a strong play and plays plenty of minutes.

  • Left Wing: Alex Ovechkin

We still have plenty of money to spend on our lineup, so let's plug in arguably the top player in the NHL. Ovechkin has been up and down, but it's time for him to get back to his means look for him to be productive tonight.

When it comes to defense men I tend to stack a pair for a team in a low scoring game with an excellent goalie. Tonight Minnesota fits into that category. So our plays for defense will be Ryan Suter and Jared Spurgeon.

Our lineup on Fanpicks

  • LW Tanner Pearson (4100)
  • LW Alex Ovechkin (8000)
  • RW Dustin Brown (4200)
  • RW TJ Oshie (5500)
  • C Anze Kopitar (5100)
  • C Nicklas Backstrom (6300)
  • D Ryan Suter (4700)
  • D Jared Spurgeon (4600)
  • G Peter Budaj (6100)

That leaves us with 400 in cap room, but with a small slate like today that is okay. Now let's build our Fanpicks bankrolls!

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