FanDuel Bonus Review [$10 Referral Bonus]

Sep 1, 2020

Now at FanDuel, Kick Off the season and receive these two great bonus offers using our links.

Initial Deposit Bonus:
$5 on 1st deposit of $20 or more
Bonus Credit:
$10 Referral Bonus
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Why Play Daily Fantasy Sports at FanDuel?

Let me paint you a picture… You enter your fantasy sports draft all geeked that the season is about to begin, by the time you leave, you are now more amped that you have a solid team. Can you say CHAMPIONSHIP!

After a few weeks of rolling along, it happens. Your stud goes down.

It doesn’t sound too bad and he is listed day-to-day. But the next week he is on the sideline and another one of your players goes down with a serious injury.

Your season, which was so promising a few weeks back, is now in serious jeopardy.

Now, not only are you anguishing over when your stud will actually play a full game, but you are forced to head to the waiver wire to find a long-term replacement for your other player.

As you slip back in the standings, you realize that your season is pretty much over – and it is only half the way through the season.

Who Wants to Wait Until Next Season?

Any of us that have been playing fantasy football, fantasy baseball or any other fantasy sport long enough have had the misfortune to experience the scenario that I described above.

There is nothing worse than knowing that your chances of even making the playoffs are over weeks before the end of the season.

You lose interest and are forced to wait until next year.

Pick a new team every week and play against your friends all season.

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LocationUnited States
Initial Deposit Bonus$5 Free (first deposit)

$10 Referral Credit Bonus
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FanDuel Bonus Offer

Now at FanDuel, Kick Off the season and receive these two great bonus offers using our links.

  • $5 Free on 1st Deposit 
  • $10 Referral Bonus Credit
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How Does FanDuel Work?

By now I am sure you are interested in FanDuel, but just not sure how it works completely. Here is a run down of what you need to know.

  • Sign Up –
  • Choose a Contest – Play for cash or for fun
  • Pick your players – Just stay under the salary cap.
  • Salary Cap Format – Pick the players you want for one week.
  • Play for Real Money – Directly against other users.
  • Over 15,000 One-Week Leagues – All for different prize amounts.
  • No Season Long Commitment – Play when you feel like it.
  • FanDuel is HUGE – Over $4 Million in league prize pools every single week.

FanDuel Promotions

$5 First Deposit Bonus – New FanDuel users, upon making their initial deposit,  will receive a $5 bonus on their first deposit of $20 ore more.

$10 Referral Credit – New FanDuel players who sign up with Spooky Express at FanDuel will get a free $10 referral credit bonus after they play.



Choose How You Play?

FanDuel Classic – Play against a large group for huge cash prizes, play one-on-one for smaller prizes, or play anwhere in between. You can even play for free.

FanDuel Friends Mode – Play in a private league with your friends and you can can play weekly and season-long cash prizes.

Start with Beginner-Only Contests – As you begin, learn the ropes with other FanDuel rookies and no experienced players are allowed.

Contests – There is a contest for everyone, including 50/50 contests, Head-to-Heads, Multiplier contests, Tournaments, Satellites and Qualifiers and so much more.

Play from Anywhere – Play when you want.  Where you want. On any Device.  Sign up with Spooky Express and then download the Free FanDuel app and take the game with you wherever you go.

FanDuel Deposit & Payment Options

Depositing to your FanDuel account and withdrawing your winning has never been simpler. FanDuel offers all the major depositing methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

Free Same Day Payouts when you deposit and withdraw.

 FanDuel Bonus Offer

Now at FanDuel, Kick Off the season and receive these two great bonus offers using our links.

  • $5 on 1st Deposit of $20 or more
  • $10 Referral Bonus Credit
Claim Your Bonus Now

Bitcoin Prizes at FanDuel

FanDuel now offers contests with prizes in Bitcoin.

Don't have Bitcoin yet.

Haven't started using Bitcoin yet? Start betting with Bitcoin!