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by | Jul 9, 2017 | Sports Betting Tips

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One of the biggest benefits and advantages that sports gamblers can do to stack the cards in their favor is to have various online sportsbooks available to them, for the various sports that they play. In the age that we live in, you can find hundreds of various online sportsbooks and in most cases, the lines will be different in each one. The Spooky Express gives you a complete reference guide on our website and have over 10 online sportsbooks that we recommend.

Whenever I wager on sports, the first thing I do is look at the various lines and play where it makes the most sense. Why would you simply play a wager at one sportsbook when you can get better odds at another? This is something that has always made me scratch my head and I never understood why people don’t take advantage of the system.

Let me show you a prime example of what I mean by this. I will use this past weekend’s UFC TUF 25 Finale as my example. Jared Cannonier was facing a UFC newcomer that took the fight on literally 4 days notice. I had inside info that Cannonier has quit his job and began training full time for this fight. With the fact that Cannonier was now full time training, his original opponent pulled out and a replacement was found in less than a week and fight film on both, I really liked Jared Cannonier.

The one thing that steered me away from Cannonier was the fact that most online sportsbooks had him between -290, all the way up to -400! Cannonier is a great fighter but he really hasn’t showed his full capabilities in the octagon so I was a little bit leary of pulling the trigger and playing him at that price. With that being said, I went through my list of online sportsbooks and found him over at WagerWeb for -250. Now, -250 is a lot better in my eyes than -290 or even -400! If I can risk a lot less money and get a better value for my dollar, why would I not do it?

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Another example we will use is in golf. For the Quicken Loans National, I checked various lines for Kyle Stanley and most of the lines were all between 25/1 and 33/1. But when I looked on Bookmaker, I found Stanley at 40/1! Now, I don’t know about you but 40/1 return on my $100 investment is a whole lot better than 25/1 return for my money. A $4,000 return is always better than $2,500 return for the same exact investment, at least in my eyes! The same exact investment on Bookmaker made me $1500 more than playing it at another website, so why wouldn’t you do it?

This isn’t something that is a secret or a hidden gem, it is simple common sense. It’s no different than going shopping for groceries and going to one store because they have milk $1 cheaper or going to a different gas station because fuel is $0.20 cheaper. The only thing that is different is the fact that instead of talking about saving $0.20 or a $1.00, we are talking about free found money and in some circumstances, we are talking about a significant amount of money, most times hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

If you don’t have at least 3-5 reliable online sportsbooks available to you, then you are doing yourself an injustice. The Spooky Express has a great variety of sportsbooks that we recommend and many of them have amazing bonuses available to you. With the NFL season approaching and less than 2 months away, many of these sportsbooks will be offering some really great bonus features for new accounts and to for those that are looking to re-up their accounts for football.

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