Betting on The Masters — Pros Say Their Prayers Around ‘Amen Corner’

by Charles Jay | April 7, 2021 |

BetOnline will have a plethora of props for all four days of the Masters, the most prestigious event in golf. Part of it involves the head-to-head matchups that people crave. And there are some others that add a little spice to the event.

Among golf's four “majors,” the Masters, co-founded by golfing legend Bobby Jones, is the new kid on the block.

Yet it has the most mythology going for it.

Let's talk about some of it.

When they tee it up on Sunday, there will be a lot of talk from the CBS announcers about “Amen Corner” and the effect it is going to have on the tournament. When it comes to something called nerves,which tend to produce shakier knees than otherwise, its impact has to be magnified threefold.

So what is this “Amen Corner” and where does it lie on the Augusta National course?

Well, first of all, let's talk about WHY it is Amen Corner. Allegedly, its origin came from a song, as it was referenced by a Sports Illustrated writer – well, incorrectly as it turned out -but it was called “Shoutin’ in that Amen Corner.”

To what was he referring? As per his description, it encompassed the second half of the 11th hole, the first half of the 13th hole, and all of the 12th, all of it connected to the presence of Rae’s Creek, which naturally created difficulty for the field of players, going all the way back to the 1930s.

That was a little awkward in terms of “packaging” it for legend's sake, so ultimately, in the interest of simplifying things, it takes up holes 11, 12 and 13. And believe us when we tell you, they are all difficult enough.

All you have to do is ask Jordan Spieth, who is currently one of the hottest players in the world. He emerged victorious in the Masters in 2015, then the next year , going after back-to-back titles when he held a five-stroke lead after nine holes on the final day. Then disaster hit. First he bogeyed the 10th hole.

Then he headed into Amen Corner.

After another bogey at the 11th, Spieth came to the 12th, a Par 3, and hit his tee shot twice into the creek. The result was a quadruple-bogey which led to him slipping out of the picture, as Englishman Danny Willett captured an upset victory.

Spieth has had success at the Masters; in seven tournaments, he's got a victory, two ties for second place, a third-place finish,and a tie for 11th.

And you can bet that in all of those strong efforts, his heart was beating a little faster when he got to Amen Corner, especially on Sunday.

BetOnline knew some of the players were going to falter, and that there's nothing like final-day pressure. So they drew up some special Amen Corner-related props specifically for Round 4 (Sunday) action.

Here is one of them:

Balls in water on the 12th in R4 (Round 4)

Over 2.5 Balls  -190
Under 2.5 Balls   +145

Yes, I would go “over” here, and the price reflects it.

Tom Weiskopf would have an opinion on this, I imagine.

Weiskopf was a great player. He won the British Open and finished second at The Masters four times. But by 1980, his best days at the majors were behind him.

This can't be an ideal example for a Round 4 prop, because Weiskopf's first round in 1980 dictated he wasn't getting that far. When he got to the Par 3, 115-yard 12th, part of Amen Corner, he was confident and hit his eight-iron onto the green, at which point it spun back and into the creek. He then proceeded to hit the ball into the water five more times.

Eventually he got the ball onto the green and into the hole. That it took 13 strokes to do it made him part of a club he'd rather not be a part of, tying the record for highest score on a single hole at The Masters.

Did he learn much from his mistake? Well, it depends on how you look at it. He shot the ball into the water twice on the 12th hole the next day. But at least he made a 7.

Here's another Sunday prop:

Will the leader find water on the 12th in Round 4?

No -1200
Yes  +700

Well, Spieth could bear witness to the possibilities here. But as for whether the leader himself will find such misfortune again, it's a longshot at best.

Along these lines, another prop may find your interest:

Most Strokes Recorded on Any Hole

Over 8.5 Strokes -250
Under 8.5 Strokes +175

Again, refer to Mr. Weiskopf. Or Tommy Nakajima. Or even Sergio Garcia, the 2018 Masters champion, who recorded a 13 on the 15th hole the next year (and missed the cut).

They all got their “love” at one time. But not on that day.

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