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by Spooky Express | October 11, 2021 |

This week, on the PGA Tour, we are checking out The CJ Cup at the Summit. Normally, this tournament is played at Seven Bridges but due to Covid, they are keeping it here in the states and playing in good ole Las Vegas, Nevada.

Then, over on the Euro Tour, we are looking at the Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucía Masters. This is always a decent tournament to bet on with a ton of value.

Both of these articles will be released on Tuesday afternoon. Check back and sign up for the Spooky Express Golf Newsletter to get an early head start on the handicapping.

CJ Cup at Summit Handicapping Preview

Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucía Masters Handicapping Preview

Golf is one of those sports that is a timeless classic, which ultimately demands patience and practice. A little bit of luck and a lot of skill usually turn out well for a golfer that has put in their time. 

Five Tips For Golf Betting

When betting on golf, there are a few things you are going to want to keep in mind. As such, this is crucial to putting together a winning strategy. The top five golf betting tips are as follows:

  • The right sportsbook
  • Reading the odds
  • Piecing it together 
  • Outside factors 
  • Your limits 

The Right Sportsbook 

The first thing right off the bat is your sportsbook of choice. You cannot succeed at all if your sportsbook is junk. 

When looking for a high-quality sportsbook, you will need to narrow down your list of options. To do this, you can run a quick search online to find the best ones. 

Then, make a list of the pros and cons for each such as their payouts, ease of use, navigating the site, and anything else that interests or bothers you. If possible, you should have at least two different sportsbooks to use since the odds and payouts will differ from each one. 

Reading The Odds

Reading the odds is one of the easier steps. For most golf events, you will see a fraction of the odds. 

Let us say that a golfer is projected to win an event and it has their PGA golf odds placed at 12/1. This simply means that for every dollar you place on them, your earnings are then multiplied by 12. 

Sometimes you will see money lines, such as +1200, instead of the 12-1. All this means is that if you bet on that golfer with $100 and they win the tournament, you will get $1200. 

Piecing It Together 

Now that you have a good sportsbook and can read the odds, it is time to put together more information on selecting a golfer or two to win an event. Or you can put together a strategy for other bets such as the best score of the day or a certain golfer total round score. 

If you are not interested in prop bets, then that is okay. Golf just has a revolving door or betting opportunities. 

For simply the outright winner, which is the most common type of bet, you need to put together a strategy that works for you. 

World Golf Rankings

For example, looking at the World Golf Rankings is a good place to view who is the best of the best at the PGA tour. These golfers consistently play well enough to stay on this list and provide us with a sliver of betting information. 

With that being said, the best golfer does not win the tournaments every time. However, a really good golfer will place in the top 10 of events more often than not so their chances are a little bit more likely. 

Wins and Success 

Looking back on a player's success at a certain event will tell you a lot about how they perform at certain courses. If a player consistently plays at a course each year but barely finishes in the top 20, odds are they should not be on your betting radar. 

Wins are not everything though. If a golfer has a lot of wins heading into an event such as the Masters, that is great, but not a fool-proof sign of success that he will have on that course. 

Rookies and Veterans

Up and coming rookies taking the PGA tour by storm are awesome to watch. It makes some golfers have a slight panic in their game when a 20-year-old has a score of -7 in a difficult round. 

However, you should not always take that bet. Veterans have seen it all and done it all. Some of these golfers have played in the worst of conditions and have played at some of the most difficult courses.  

A rookie will make mistakes, whether it is out of ignorance or bad judgment. Betting on a veteran is most of the time a good option. 

Outside Factors

Another piece of information you need to know about is what is going on in the golfer's world. Is the golfer coming off knee surgery, going through a divorce, or is trying out a new set of clubs?

These are random but very important questions. If a golfer is not at their best, then your money does not need to be placed on them. 

Another couple of factors are the weather and how the golfer plays at certain courses. Are the conditions favorable or is it going to be windy and raining?

The golf course might be better geared towards players who drive well. Does this golfer hit the fairways consistently or do they come up short? 

What about iron play? Does the golfer approach the greens within a certain distance every single time? These types of questions will improve your betting chances. 

Know Your Limits 

The last and ultimately one of the more successful points to your strategy is all about your self-control on sports betting. Being able to set limits on yourself is a very big key. 

Trying to make up lost ground on a lost bet is a no-go. You should not throw more money at something else in hopes of a quick return. 

Betting, in general, is supposed to be fun and not a get-rich-quick scheme. When you have fun betting, the money should be a bonus, no pun intended. 

If having difficulty setting limits or if you are wanting to test your strategy then do the paper challenge. Do not put any money down but rather get a pen and paper out. 

Simply write down your predictions, after doing the proper research, and choose a golfer or two that you think will win the event outright. 

If your picks are wrong, then it will not hurt you. You can go back to see what you did wrong or possibly more important, what that particular golfer did right. 

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