The Match Champions For Charity Golf Challenge

by Cole Paganelli | May 23, 2020 |

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning will face off in a competition with Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in a charity golf match on Sunday, May 24. This will be the second time that Phil’s and Tiger have played a charity event against each other since 2018. 

The Match Champions for Charity is being held at the Medalist Golf Club but without any spectators. All of the proceeds will benefit coronavirus relief efforts, with the total being $40 million.

Odds For This Event 

This event is mainly geared towards the two obvious professional golfers. However, Peyton and Brady are both legends in their respective sports and have some skills on the golf course. The odds, on average for various sportsbooks, have been placed at the following:

Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning: -230

Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady: +175

*odds are subject to changes 

Prop Bets To Look For

In preparation of this event, there are some prop bets to consider that may be more interesting than the matchups themselves. Some of them do not have much relation to the golfing game, but are more for fun than anything else. Some prop bets are:

Who Will Have The Longest Drive On Hole No. 1?

Peyton Manning :-130

Tom Brady: -110

Total Number Of Times Tiger Twirls His Club

OVER 2.5 twirls -150

UNDER 2.5 twirls +110

Will Tiger Woods Wear A Red Shirt?

YES -600

NO +350

Will Tom Brady Hit A Fairway In Regulation On Hole No. 1?

YES -120

NO -120

Will ‘Audible’ Be Said By Any Player?

YES +150

NO -200

Will ‘Omaha’ Be Said By Any Player?

YES +225

NO -350

Total Commercials Peyton Manning Is In During The Broadcast?

OVER 1.5 +140

UNDER 1.5 -180

Team with lead after 9 holes?

Tiger Woods /Peyton Manning -150

Phil Michelson/Tom Brady +130

Final Thoughts 

Since we do not have sports completely back to normal and the economy still in shock, there has not been much action going on. Most events have been able to reschedule for later dates and give hope to the world of sports. 

This event is another icing on the cake to make everything feel normal again. The money raised by these guys is wonderful for the pandemic relief and gives fans something to watch in the comfort of their homes. 

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