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Golf Banker Review [Best Golf Betting System]

Mar 10, 2020

Start winning money by betting on golf – even if you don't know anything about the PGA Tour. First things first, Golf Banker used to be the system of choice. We now believe our newsletter and FREE PICKS blow out of the water.

Spooky Express weekly picks include:

Here's Why Spooky Express Better Than Golf Banker as the Best Golf Betting System

Back in the day, Spooky Express use to utilize services such as the Golf Banker however about 3 years ago, we noticed that one of our very own, Earl Campbell, was just as good, if not better than what we were finding with other golf handicappers.  After years of being a client with other services (like Golf Banker), we are much more happy with what we have with our current system

Sure, you can find multiple sites that provide general golf betting tips for the upcoming weekend, but what I personally like the most about our new golf service is you get the information delivered to your email each Monday or Tuesday, which prevents you from forgetting to look for the information.  Our Golf Newsletter contains information about the tournament, the course and the players that Earl, the golfing handicapper at Spooky Express, has chosen to put his money on for the weekend.

In 2019, Earl was without a doubt one of the hottest golf handicappers in the country! Not only was he cashing in with golfers weekly, but we had some big odds winners such as Joaquin Niemann at 25/1 at the Military Tribute at the Greenbrier for 2 Units, Bernd Wiesberger at the Scottish Open at 33/1, Lanto Griffin at 50/1 at the Houston Open, and we can't forget Christian Bezuidenhout to win the Andelucia Masters at 80/1!  All in all, at the end of 2019, Earl has stacked up 14 winners and pocketed a whole bunch of dollar bills!


So, YES, we think you should sign up for the Spooky Express Golf Newsletter and start winning too! Start winning with Spooky Express – A complete, trustworthy golf betting service and an effective way to win money betting golf.

What Spooky Express Golf Betting Isn't Compared to Golf Banker

Your run of a mill tout betting system. After all, how many golf touts do you know. You are simply provided a weekly write-up about each weekly tournament which includes the picks for the weekend. Earl doesn’t have separate packages for every golf tournament and with his winning percentage (which beats Golf Banker all day) he could easily do that. Instead Earl provides picks for each and every tournament for the entire Golf season.

A flash in the pan service that will be gone tomorrow. Now, we aren't saying Golf Banker is going to be gone. But Earl started handicapping golf several years ago and after years of proven success, we decided to bring him on board as our senior golf handicapper. 

A one trick pony. When you receive the weekly write-ups, you aren’t only provided the players that Earl believes have the best chance and value to win, but you also receive some head-to-head match-up bets. This is something Golf Banker doesn't always do.

Since Earl doesn’t cash every week with his tournament winners, these picks help decrease the burden on your bankroll. Also, when you do cash on the tournament winner, these head-to-head winners add even more winnings to your bankroll.

What Spooky Express Golf Betting Is Compared to Golf Banker

A complete, trustworthy golf betting service. With many other golf handicappers, you never really know if you are going to get golfers that they pick from a hat or if they are really doing their research.

With Earl, we know that he is putting in 20+ hours a week on researching each golfer, the course history, recent form, their comments from years past about the particular golf tournament course and much more!  Does put in that much research? We aren't sure but it's tough!

A solid golf betting system. This golf betting system doesn’t put all its eggs in one basket. Like I mentioned before, Earl doesn’t only provide you with players to bet on to win the tournament, but also plays to make on head-to-head match ups. While the odds on these bets are less than picking the tournament winner, the head-to-head plays add added money when you hit the tournament winner and soften the blow when you don’t.

Join Spooky Express & Start Winning

We have been following these golf picks from Earl for a few years now, and we are more than happy with the results. You might not win every week, but the weeks you do more than make up for those weeks that don’t cash.

Click here to get signed up for the FREE golf picks newsletter.

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