Understanding How To Bet Baseball’s Grand Salami

by Cole Paganelli | April 9, 2020 |

In terms of sports betting a grand salami refers to a totals bet for all of the games on the day’s schedule. Most of the time the grand salami is offered for baseball, but it is available for hockey as well. It is a popular prop bet that is available at most sportsbooks and a bet with an even payout. 

How the Grand Salami Works 

The bet is an easy one to understand. You know how to bet the totals for a game wagering Over or Under the runs set by the sportsbook. In the grand salami the book will simply add all of the totals together and then you bet the Over or Under for all runs scored on the games for the day. 
Let’s say that it is a slower night for MLB with four games on the schedule. The totals for the individual games are 7, 8.5, 9, and 7.5. The sportsbook will add all of the totals together, so for this grand salami bet the total will be 32. After the games are played they have scores of 4-3, 7-2, 9-5, and 8-7. The total runs scored for all four games is 45. In this case the Over would be the winning bet and the Under would be the losing one. If you win the bet you will be paid out 1:1.
It does not happen often, considering multiple totals are betting added together, but if the total set by the book is the exact same as the number of runs scored then the bet is a push and you will win your original stake back. 
The grand salami in baseball, as well as hockey, is a popular bet and available at most online sportsbooks. You can usually see the bet in the daily lines or in the prop bets. Usually, you will see the grand salami for MLB but some sportsbooks have the wager for other leagues as well. 
You can handicap the grand salami bet but you need to look at every game. Look to see the starting pitchers, player form, and team form. If you see a few star hurlers on the mound the Under may be the good pick for the bet. However, the sportsbook will know this and set the total lower. Still, like with any wager, a little handicapping can help you in making a smart bet, which is one that is more likely to be a winning one. 

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