Another weekend is behind us, and that means we are one step closer to the NBA Playoffs and everything we have been waiting to see.

To fringe Eastern Conference teams will be going head-to-head tonight when the Indiana Pacers go on the road to take on the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards have been energized by the play of Russell Westbrook, and he has only gotten better as the season has progressed. No one wants to see Washington in the postseason.

Domantas Sabonis was welcomed back into the Pacers lineup, and they served up the Oklahoma City Thunder for one of the largest losses in NBA history.

Both of these teams are battling for their seeding in the bottom of the Eastern Conference, and this game will mean a lot for the final standings.

Let’s break this one down and help you determine your best bets.

Indiana Pacers Betting Preview: In the world of Sabonis

As a team, the Pacers had been reeling recently and struggled to find any consistent play. Missing their best player on the floor wasn’t helping them either.

Sabonis returned to the starting lineup, and his impact was immediately felt against the Thunder.

Not only did he finish with a triple-double, but he achieved this feat in the first half of play.

It was an unbelievable performance by Sabonis and his teammates, and he was able to have whatever he wanted on the court.

He gives this team a chance to win, and now with a fully healthy squad, they have a chance to make some real noise in the postseason.

I like them moving forward, and they have some of the guards to match up with Westbrook in this Monday night matchup.

Washington Wizards Betting Preview: A dynamic duo that packs a punch

What a story this Washington team has been to follow, and the development and growth of Westbrook in this season is a sight to behold.

The way that the Wizards have rallied around Westbrook for this game has been incredible, and you can tell they really enjoy playing with him.

There has been a lot to love about the Wizards in recent weeks, and they continue to put together winning basketball.

As they continue to rise, teams will need to be on the lookout as their team is now fully healthy. 

Indiana will have some guards to take on Westbrook and Beal, but that is no easy task.

Pacers vs. Wizards Betting Odds and Lines

Coming into this Monday night matchup, the people over at MyBookie have the Washington Wizards as home favorites over the Indiana Pacers by four points.

This line is a little bit surprising, as the Pacers should have their full squad to take on Washington.

Free Betting Pick

Both of these teams seem to be catching fire at the right time, and I have enjoyed watching them.

I think Washington should have a stellar game here, and I expect big things from Westbrook and Beal to lock this one in and keep them moving in the right direction.

Spooky Express Free Betting Pick: Washington Wizards @ -4

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