Spooky Express Betting Guide – Betting on the NBA

by Ayden Fahlstrom | March 28, 2020 |

When the NBA returns, fans and bettors alike will be more than ready. For some of you that are new to NBA betting, and even some of you seasoned vets, here are a few things to consider when avidly betting on the NBA. While most of these are simple things everyone can do before placing your bets, they may save or win you some dough.

Most gamblers and sports bettors are pretty sporadic people. At any moment, these people can throw their money down on anything. However, some of us are a bit different, we will call those people eccentric bettors. These people try not to place any money they don’t plan on winning back. Research is king with these people.

Today, we’re going to look at a few simple things to glance at before you place your bets. Whether you’re betting spreads, the money line, or totals, there is always just a bit more knowledge you could have before placing your wager.

Spread Mistakes

A common mistake made by novice NBA bettors is taking large spreads that involve bad teams. Most bettors see a large spread, the see dollar signs. The issue here is, oftentimes the better team will still have the better payout. Not only that, but even the worst NBA teams are still loaded with talent and can go off at any time.

The spreads I like to find are often between 3 and 9. Stay away from the tight and large spreads. Look for matchups that stay in the middle and then check out each team's recent trends. This will typically yield better results than taking a 15 point spread on the worst team in the league.

Silly Money Lines

Another easy way to make NBA money is to throw small amounts of money at terrible money lines. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s not and it’s a great way to hedge your larger bets. If the odds are paying double digits to one, why not make a small wager? In the off chance that the underdog wins, you make bank. If they lose, you can barely tell a difference in your betting account.

The third and final piece of simple NBA betting advice is for all of the totals bettors out there. Set your own parameters. Keep your eye on the trends, and set a minimum and maximum number that you’re willing to bet an over or an under.

Setting Parameters

These parameters will vary, season to season and team to team, but you should notice a number in the low 200’s that teams tend not to score under. Same goes for the high side. For instance, you likely aren’t taking the over with a 240 point total. Find numbers that suit you, don’t bet under 200, or over 220. Something like that. This should narrow down matchups you’re willing to bet on, and increase your chances of winning.

So there it is, the first steps at becoming a more than novice NBA bettor. You’ll find your own strategies that work for the way you personally bet as you follow the above guidelines, and that is exactly the point. It is your money, you should risk it the way you want to. I’m only here to point you in the correct general direction. Good luck and happy betting.

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