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AFC Divisional Round Betting Preview: Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bills – Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021

by Ayden Fahlstrom | January 12, 2021 |

After an electric weekend of six NFL Playoff games, the train is going to keep rolling into one of the best matchups we have seen all season.

Two top tier offenses are squaring off when the Baltimore Ravens go on the road to take on the Buffalo Bills.

It’s no secret that the Bills are lots of experts’ sleeper favorite to come out of the AFC, but the Ravens are currently on a roll that makes it look like they will be hard to stop.

A Josh Allen versus Lamar Jackson matchup is so something we all want to see, and the two will be running and gunning the whole game.

This will be the best game of the weekend, so let’s break down the matchup and help you determine the best bets.

Baltimore Ravens Betting Preview: Lamar, Finally Over the Hump

In his third season as the Ravens quarterback and his third trip to the playoffs, Lamar Jackson finally notched his first playoff win.

Considering the stakes and the moment of the last game, he might have had one of the greatest rushing plays we will ever see by a quarterback in playoff history.

Taking away the first two drives for Baltimore, Jackson played a near-perfect game, slicing and dicing Tennessee on the ground and through the air.

Going against Buffalo will be a little bit more difficult of a matchup than the Titans’ defense, but Buffalo did just surrender a large amount of offense to the Colts.

Lamar should have a chance to dominate another good game on the ground, but he will need his pass catchers to step up in a big way to continue rolling.

Buffalo Bills Betting Preview: Favorites to Win It All?

If we want to talk about perfect games from quarterbacks, look at Josh Allen in their matchup against the Colts.

Allen was unstoppable all over the field, and had to play a perfect game for them to win.

Buffalo’s defense looked susceptible, and they are going to have to tighten a lot if they are going to stop Lamar Jackson.

The Bills are moving closer and closer to being the favorites for the Super Bowl, but this Ravens’ defense will pose a challenge to them.

When one of the best offenses goes up against the one of the best defenses, something has to give and we will see who wins out in this matchup.

Ravens @ Bills Betting Odds and Lines

Coming into this contest, our friends over at MyBookie have the Buffalo Bills as home favorites in this one at -2.5.

This line shows that oddsmakers are definitely giving Baltimore some respect, and they have earned it with how they ended their season.

Free Betting Pick

Looking at all of the weapons that Buffalo has to deploy, it’s hard to bet against them.

I think Lamar will have another huge rushing game, but his receivers will force the pass game to be average at best.

Buffalo gets this one done at home.

Spooky Express Free Betting Pick: Buffalo Bills @ -2.5

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