Cincinnati Bengals Betting Preview 2018

by | Jun 12, 2018 | NFL

Bet on the Cincinnati Bengals

As if they were trying to prove that the offensive line is the most important part of a team, the Cincinnati Bengals' season derailed before they ever played a game when Andre Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler were allowed to walk away.

Their offensive output was the worst it has been since 2008. The past two years, defenses sacked Andy Dalton a combined 80 times, so it wasn’t like they were a stellar unit anyway. Losing these two pieces sent them off the deep end.

Cincinnati finished the season at 7-9 and missing the playoffs for the second straight season. This comes after a streak of five consecutive seasons.

Throughout the season it was largely expected that Marvin Lewis would retire at the end of the year; however, after the upset victory over the Ravens, he announced his return for the 2018 NFL season.

Key Offseason Changes

The Bengals did what they always do in the offseason, nothing.

Well, that isn’t entirely true. They have to draft players and not resign veterans, but besides that, little has changed. I guess we will hit on the guys that left.

Running back Jeremy Hill signed with the Patriots, but he was mostly ineffective last year. Backup QB AJ McCarron got out of Cincinnati by signing with the Bills. The only other notable departures were Andre Smith and Kevin Minter, but even calling them notable is a stretch.  

As for non-rookie players coming in, Cordy Glenn and Chris Baker. That’s about it.

The Bengals traded for Glenn to help rectify the offensive line situation. He isn’t quite at the same level as Whitworth, but Glenn is a massive upgrade. Baker comes in to help depth on the defensive line. I’m not sure he will have a huge impact this season.

The draft went fairly well for Cincinnati.

  • In the first round, they took the center from Ohio State, Billy Price. Along with Glenn, Price will sure up the line, and hopefully, keep Andy Dalton better protected.
  • The second day saw them take Jessie Bates, Sam Hubbard, and Malik Jefferson who make up a trio of defensive picks who could make early impacts. It will be interesting to see how much play time they will see since Marvin Lewis tends to lean on veterans.

It is striking how willing the Bengals are to ignore obvious holes on their team. It’s disturbing to watch how this front office works year to year.

  1. They didn’t even draft a wide receiver until the seventh round.
  2. Matt Barkley is slated to be Dalton's backup. They did bring him in this year but notice this is his first mention. The other quarterbacks on the roster are Jeff Driskel and rookie Logan Woodside. 

All the Bengals’ fans who call for Marvin Lewis to go need to remember what this team was before he got there because they will be the same laughing stock once he is gone.

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Betting on the Bengals

I believe that the Ravens are the second-best team in the AFC North, and they aren’t as far behind the Steelers as everyone insinuates.

The Steelers are the superior team, but injuries and suspensions have made this team a little suspect at times in the past couple of years. The Ravens have great constancy with the coaches and the front office which accounts for more than people think.

Win the AFC North

GIVE IT A SHOT – They are clearly a longshot sitting at +1,000, but their starting roster is good enough to compete for the division. Their lack of depth is scary though.

Win the AFC Championship

KEEP YOUR MONEY – While they can make a run for the division, they have no shot at the conference. January 6, 1991, is the date of their last postseason victory. Even if you love longshots (they sit at +3,000), save it for a team that can win in against good teams.

Win the Super Bowl

KEEP YOUR MONEY – I love what Marvin Lewis has done with this team. I grew up in an era where Cincinnati was guaranteed a top ten pick every season. Lewis made them competitive and relevant, but until this front office actually resembles any of the other teams, they can’t win the Super Bowl. Currently, they are +10,000, but it should be higher.

Over/Under Wins

OVER +140 – The Bengals sit at 5.5 for the over/under win total, and I have to take the over.

I’m not big on this team, but if things bounce the right way, they can win the division. Besides, they have good enough coaching for at least four wins. The players just need to get two more.

Best of luck with your betting on the Bengals. To see other teams check out our NFL Betting Guide!

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