2021 Detroit Lions Betting Preview

by Tyler Vaysman | June 10, 2021 |

2020 Detroit Lions Review

Detroit went just 5-11 a season ago, and it was another long season for the Lions. Injuries played a role, especially on offense, but there was also a lack of talent on both sides of the ball.

This was another last-place finish in the NFC North, a position that has become all too familiar with the Detroit franchise. The Lions' defense gave up 519 points a season ago, the third-highest total in NFL history.

2021 Lions Offseason Additions

Quarterback Jared Goff is now the man in charge of the Lions' offense after coming over in a trade for Matthew Stafford. Detroit was also able to acquire defensive tackle Michael Brockers from Los Angeles, and that should help the defense.

Cornerback Quinton Dunbar was brought in to help the Lions in the secondary, and defensive end Charles Harris could be a big part of the Lions' defense as well.

2021 Lions Offseason Departures

Detroit will no longer have Matthew Stafford under center in 2021, and that takes away the face of the franchise. Adding Goff will soften the blow, but there is no doubt that this move makes the Lions worse at that position.

The Lions also lost wide receivers Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay in free agency, and that takes away two of their biggest playmakers.

Three Key Factors to a Winning Season

Jared Goff

Jared Goff is not Matthew Stafford, but he is still a very accomplished NFL quarterback. Goff has led the Rams to the playoffs before, and there is a chance that the NFC North could be a bit more wide open this season.

If Jared Goff is able to become one of the top quarterbacks in the league, then the Lions could have a chance to be competitive.


The Lions have had some major problems in the secondary in recent seasons, but there is some hope that things will turn around a bit this season. There aren’t a ton of great quarterbacks in the NFC North, but Detroit still can’t give up big plays if they want to win games.

Playing With Discipline

For whatever reason, the Lions just continue to be a team that makes big-time mistakes in key moments. Detroit commits bad penalties, and they also make some questionable decisions when they are faced with a tough situation.

The Lions have to do nearly everything right to win games, and that includes playing with discipline.

Rating Their Schedule

Even though the Lions were the last place team in 2020, they didn’t catch any breaks with the 2021 schedule. Detroit is scheduled to play teams from the AFC North and NFC West, and those divisions are tough.

Detroit heads to Green Bay to take on the Packers in Week 2, and that is a rough way to get things started. One week later, the Lions host the Baltimore Ravens, and that is one of the top teams in the NFL.

On October 24, Detroit will head to Los Angeles to face the Rams, and they will also be facing Matthew Stafford for the first time in a different uniform. Detroit is going to have to beat all of the mediocre teams on the schedule if they want to be a playoff team.

Expectations in 2021

Even though Jared Goff will bring a change of pace in Detroit, he just isn’t as good as Matthew Stafford. Detroit is not going to be able to score points this season, and that’s not going to work well with this offense.

There are some areas that should improve for the Lions in 2021, but it’s not going to make this team a challenger in the NFC North. Getting to six wins might be an accomplishment for the Lions, and this team won’t be in the playoff hunt. 

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