2021 Indianapolis Colts Season Betting Preview

by Spooky Express | June 15, 2021 |

2020 Indianapolis Colts Review

The Indianapolis Colts finished the 2020 season with a record of 11-5, and that was good enough to earn them a playoff berth as a Wild Card team in the AFC. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough to win the AFC South Division, and that forced them to be on the road in the playoffs. 

The Colts suffered a close loss to the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card Round, ending what was a solid season. Veteran quarterback Philip Rivers played extremely well last season, but that was his only one in a Colts uniform. 

2021 Colts Offseason Additions

The Indianapolis Colts were looking for a new face of the franchise at the quarterback position, and they got it in the form of Carson Wentz. The Eagles benched Wentz in 2020, and he will be looking to restart his career with the Colts.

The Colts also went out and signed left tackle Eric Fischer to help on the offensive line, but there are still some injury concerns with that player. 

2021 Colts Offseason Departures

The Colts were hit hard by retirement this offseason, which will present some challenges in 2021. The team was able to fill the holes left by the departing players, but it remains to be seen if the production will be the same. 

Quarterback Philip Rivers decided to retire after the 2020 season, even though the Colts were looking to bring him back. Left tackle Anthony Costanzo also called it quits after 10 seasons in the NFL, and that leaves a big hole on the offensive line. 

Three Key Factors to a Winning Season

Giving Wentz Some Time

If Carson Wentz is going to get his career back on track in Indianapolis, then he is going to need some time to operate. Wentz was beaten up last season with the Eagles, and that led to him trying to force the issue on too many plays. 

More Explosive Plays

The Colts have been a solid offense over the last few seasons, but the team has not been very explosive. Indianapolis is going to have to take some deep shots in an effort to get opposing defenses to loosen up. 

Defense Continues to Shine

The defense has led the way for the Colts over the last few seasons, and that unit needs to be the strength of the team once again. There are some great teams on the schedule for the Colts in 2021, and it will be up to the defense to set the tone. 

Rating Their Schedule

The 2021 season for the Colts starts off with three extremely challenging games, including the season opener against the Seattle Seahawks. In Week 3, the Colts travel to Tennessee to take on the Titans in what will likely be a battle of first-place teams in the division.

Weeks 11-12 will also be a tough stretch for the Colts as they travel to Buffalo in Week 11 and then host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 12. 

Expectations in 2021

The Colts are going to win at least 11 games in 2021, and they will be in the hunt for the AFC South title once again. Indianapolis will need great play from Wentz to take the next step, but the defense is good enough to carry the team. 

Indianapolis still is not good enough to contend with some of the top teams in the AFC, but anything can happen in the postseason. 

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