We are approaching the final week of 2021, now the 2022 NFL regular season I guess you can say. We are normally into the postseason at this point but I am not complaining. It just means likely colder football played at Lambeau in the NFC Title Game.

The Green Bay Packers have already clinched home-field advantage for the duration of their conference playoffs so the Rams won't be playing for that but they have a chance to move ahead of the Cowboys after Dak's debacle yesterday and set up that Hollywood red carpet in Wisconsin for a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

As dominant as the Packers have been and they were last night against the Vikings, it is LA who appears to visibly be getting better every single game. They have won 5 straight now and will likely make it 6 against “state rival” San Francisco 49ers.

They're division rivals. I will give them that. The Niners have hung tough managing a 9-7 record heading into their 17th game of the season and lately they have had to do it without their at least we can say highly paid quarterback, Jimmy Garapolo. I shouldn't give the guy a hard time because Belichick was actually thinking of replacing Brady with him.

The guy has played well but that’s only when he plays. He is still an “If” according to head coach Mike Shanahan for the game against the Rams and likely will be until game time.

Let’s look at the betting odds for this NFC West matchup and make a prediction from there!

Los Angeles Rams (-5.5) vs San Francisco 49ers (+5.5)

Over / Under 44

Both of these teams need this win bigtime and I think Jimmy G is going to go. He may have even jumped in there last week if Trey Lance hadn’t found his way.

If the most Shanahan can downplay the likelihood of him being out there is an “if” he feels…Come on. It is his thumb and he gets paid how much money to play quarterback. Not to mention this is essentially a playoff game for the Niners.

With that said, is Aaron Donald going to land 94% of his body mass onto that thumbs with force for the fun of it? That is a possibility.

Then again, that Niner offense is vastly underrated. They are 2nd in the league in the all-important yards per play and 1st in the league in what could be a crucial one, red zone scoring percentage.

San Fran is also 7th in the league in defense (yards per play allowed). They are a good team and it isn't like LA has some crazy home-field advantage as you know.

Remember those offensive and defensive yards per play stats for the Niners, well LA is ranked higher in both categories. They also have the #2 kicker in the league and get this, they’re the best team in the NFL at not getting called for penalties and their opponents rank worst in the league for the year!

When you have the refs giving you that kind of love…coinkydink? That doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is another notable stat for the Rams. LA likes to air it out and they better hope it works for them because they rank in the lower third of the league running the ball.

The Niners have a top ten rush defense so this game could play out very closely.

In Conclusion

I know the Rams are hot right now but Jimmy G will be back with two weeks of tape study on the Rams and at the end of the day, the Niners are playing for more than LA is. Let’s hope it shows

Pick: San Francisco (+5.5)

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