NFL Betting Preview: Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets – Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021

by Spooky Express | December 15, 2021 |

It is Week 15 in the NFL season as we gear up for another week and a matchup in the AFC East Division. The New York Jets travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins. The Jets are regretting drafting Zach Wilson and Miami is still trying to make a late push for the playoffs. 

This matchup is very important for one team in the division, the Miami Dolphins and just another game trying to work out the kinks for the Jets. This has been the less than ideal start for Robert Salah in New York. Mike Flores could be coaching for his job at the moment with the Dolphins on the verge of falling short again. 

Zach Wilson will start against Tua Tagovailoa on Sunday. Wilson has only thrown six touchdowns this season, along with 11 interceptions. Wilson has missed a few games due to injury, but there are big question marks around his play right now. 

New York Jets Betting Preview: Did the Jets drop the ball at #2?

I am not sure if I was living under a rock for the last year and a half or so, but going into the draft in April, I have no idea how two other quarterbacks were taken before Justin Fields or Mac Jones for that matter. The jury is still out on Trey Lance, but there is no reason Zach Wilson should have gone #2 in the draft? 

After watching the college season of Justin Fields, Mac Jones, and Trevor Lawrence dominance, who in the right mind thought, “Zach Wilson looks good at #2?” To this day, it blows my mind how he landed there. The rest of the NFL world is finally starting to see what most people with a brain for the last two years have seen. 

This is not so much of a dig at Zach Wilson, because he may figure it out and be a good player in the NFL, but how does an NFL front office watch three quarterbacks dominate in college football and not pick two of the others? That goes to show how inept the franchise of the New York Jets is, and how they continue to drop the ball in everything. 

Miami Dolphins Betting Preview: Darkhorse to the playoffs?

After the Dolphins beat the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night, I mentioned that you should not be surprised to see Miami possibly run the table and make the playoffs. Well, Miami is currently on a five-game win streak, coming out of a bye week for the Jets. 

Miami is one of my most underachieving teams this season. I expected Miami to be better, after having a hopeful season in 2020. Tua’s play has regressed and he is not the player I thought he would be this season. Being injured has helped his bad play, but the defense is not as good as it was a year ago. 

This season Miami has had troubles keeping their opponent in check offensively, but they are starting to click late. If the Dolphins are able to win out, they would more than likely be in. Even with a Week 18 loss to the Patriots, they could be on the bubble. 

Jets vs Dolphins Odds & Lines

  • Spread: Miami -8.5
  • Over/Under: 42

The spread in my opinion seems low. This is a game where Miami has a chance to blowout the Jets and show that they are a team to be taken seriously at the end of the season. At 8.5, this is a game that the Dolphins should win by two touchdowns or more. The offense and defense are clicking at the right time for Miami. 

Free Pick: Miami

With the offense and defense clicking at the right time for Miami, this is a game they should easily win. In the previous meeting, the Dolphins only won by seven points, but this is where Miami separates themselves from the pack in the AFC East. 

Spooky Express Free Pick: Miami Dolphins -8.5

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