2020 NFL Draft Bet – Total Number of Clemson Players Drafted in the 1st Round

by Earl Campbell | April 17, 2020 |

The Clemson Tigers have become a college football power and the only way you can do that is to pump out NFL talent every single year. This is a down year for the Tigers in terms of draft prospects, but they do have one surefire top 10-15 pick in Isaiah Simmons.

The line on Clemson Tigers to be drafted in the first round has been moving all over the place, but the most current number I can find is 2.5 players with -310 on the under. You can shop around and you may be able to find 1.5 somewhere before the draft begins.

A.J. Terrell

Terrell is one of the two draft prospects that has a real shot to be drafted in the first round alongside Simmons. Terrell is a corner that has been up and down throughout his career and I would not have a first-round grade on Terrell as a prospect. Most drafts that I see floating around peg Terrell as a mid-second round prospect, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This is something that needs to be talked about constantly this year, since most NFL teams and scouts are having significantly less interactions with each other and the media due to the lack of in-person events. Usually, when scouts show up at Clemson’s pro day, they hang out all day and discuss players and this can create similar opinions on players because the takes are flying left and right. This season, I think that its more likely than ever that we see very differing boards from team to team.

Terrell is someone that I have seen listed as the 2nd best corner and the 8th best corner in the draft and it will not be easy to identify which one of these is closer to the NFL’s consensus. Based on what I have seen on Terrell, I’d peg him as something like 15-25% to be in the first round, but those numbers could even be high.

Tee Higgins

Let me preface this by saying that I have been the biggest Tee Higgins hater you can find because he has MAJOR red flags and he has been incredibly overrated throughout his college career. He was my “biggest faller” throughout the draft process and that has definitely happened on the internet.

Listen, Higgins ran a 4.75 40 in high school and he struggles to separate, which is a major concern and the reason I didn’t like him throughout the pre-draft process. Higgins showed up to the combine, said he’s going to run a 4.4 and shock people, then he sat out all athletic testing due to “rest” two days later. Talk about red flags and I think the NFL should see this as well.

Higgins was seen as a top 4 WR in January by most and I would not be surprised if he was the 8th or 9th drafted. That being said, maybe there is an NFL staff that watches a huge human make great catches and doesn’t care about his speed or separation. I would take 10+ receivers before Higgins, but I think that there is a possibility that NFL teams haven’t dropped the grade on Higgins as much as the draft community has.

The Verdict

I like the under on all of the Clemson props assuming the price is viable. I’d prefer to find a prop closer to even at 1.5, but the 2.5 is very, very unlikely to happen for me.

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