2020 NFL Draft Bet – When will Henry Ruggs be Drafted?

by Cole Paganelli | April 19, 2020 |

Henry Ruggs III is one of the most interesting prospects in the draft because of his unique traits. Ruggs was the top ranked receiver coming out of high school according to some services simply due to the raw athleticism that he displayed on the football field and the hardwood throughout his high school career.

Ruggs has parlayed that athleticism with good hands and limited drops to quickly position himself as a top WR prospect in this draft. While a lot of speedsters have struggled in the NFL, they almost all have had drop issues that only got worse in the pros. Ruggs has not had those issues at Alabama and is seen as a relatively reliable receiver, although he wasn't even the go-to guy on third down on his own team.

With the explosiveness of the Kansas City chiefs being on full display for the last two years with speedsters Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and newly added Mecole Hardman, teams seem to be itching to recreate this offense. Ruggs is the perfect candidate to be a Tyreek Hill proxy and that is what makes him a fascinating prospect. However, there are concerns that will knock him down some boards.

Ruggs is clearly in the top tier of receivers in this draft, but most analysts see Ruggs as WR3, he is likely the most agreed upon WR prospect in the draft. His draft position is a bit more unknown because his upside and utility can easily make him the WR1 on an individual team's board because of the player they want. The other two top WR prospects, Lamb and Jeudy, generally win as elite receivers and not as elite athletes, not that these guys are unathletic by any means.

Ruggs biggest knock is that he clearly is not as polished as the other receivers he is being compared to and he is not as smooth in and out of his breaks. If a team wants to get a receiver that can run every route under the sun on day one with the intentions of being a dominant WR1 via volume and separation, Ruggs is not that guy, but the right team can plug Ruggs into certain routes and watch him stretch the field and make plays that no one else in this draft can.

The Betting Market

Ruggs is listed at even for being drafted over pick 13.5. positional rankings would probably suggest the over is a great play here, but I like the under based on what I have talked about throughout. While Lamb and Jeudy are better complete receivers, they cannot do some of the things Ruggs can and I believe that a team will jump on Ruggs earlier than one of the other two.

I think that the line on this prop is relatively solid, but the fact that the juice is on the under tells you everything you need to know. The betting markets think that Ruggs will be one of the risers in the draft.*

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