The Square Pigeon’s Pipeline NFL Rankings Week 17

by | Dec 30, 2017 | NFL

NFL Week 17 Rankings

The Square Pigeon Pipeline is in it's second year here at the Spooky Express. Jason delivers his rankings each week.

After years of tinkering and revising, I have a formula to create a system for ranking NFL teams. I use the offensive/defensive differential of four stats. The differential of each statistic has a high correlation coefficient with win total at the end of the season. Since this ranking relies heavily on larger sets of data (more games played), I use a ratio of last season’s totals with this year’s value until the team plays 4 games. The point total falls on a scale -200 through 200. Higher score equals better team. 100 is an exceptional score, and a score closer to 0 equates to an average team. This is strictly based on the statistics, and there is no voting, polling, or opinions that come into play.

Elite 8

  1.  New England Patriots            12-3    117.24                +1
  2.  Los Angeles Rams              11-4    113.03                -1
  3.  Philadelphia Eagles            13-2    111.58                NC
  4.  Minnesota Vikings             12-3    84.60                  +3
  5.  New Orleans Saints                11-4    82.73                  NC
  6.  Jacksonville Jaguars                10-5    81.39                  -2
  7.  Baltimore Ravens                    9-6       73.64                  -1
  8.  Kansas City Chiefs                   9-6       63.04                  NC      

Same eight teams at the top of the board this week with some small changes. New England jumped up to the top spot after pulling away from the Bills late in the game. The Rams fell a spot after barely beating the Titans. Nick Foles struggled in his second start for the Eagles, but Philadelphia remained in the same spot. With a shutout against the Packers, Minnesota jumps three spots. The Saints stayed in fifth after defeating the Falcons. Blake Bortles regression was in full effect in San Francisco which led to the Jags falling a couple spots. Baltimore beat the Colts, but it was in an unimpressive fashion. The Chiefs have returned to early season form in recent weeks.

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  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers                 12-3    57.84                  NC
  2. Los Angeles Chargers           8-7       40.02                  +1
  3. Carolina Panthers            11-4    37.11                  -1
  4. Seattle Seahawks                  9-6       30.25                  +3
  5. Detroit Lions                            8-7       21.90                  -1
  6. Dallas Cowboys                      8-7       21.11                  -1
  7. Atlanta Falcons                       9-6       14.08                  -1
  8. Tennessee Titans                   8-7       -17.04                 +2

Pittsburgh keeps being hyped as the team to stop the Patriots, but they are still holding steady at nine. With a win against Oakland and a little help, the Chargers become the scariest team in the AFC playoffs. The Panthers are in the playoffs, but they can still win the division. Seattle is on the outside looking in coming into the game against the Cardinals which isn’t a sure win.  Detroit and Dallas are the highest ranked team who are officially out of the playoffs. The Falcons need to pull off a win against the Panthers to hold onto the six seed in the NFC. Let’s all route for the Jags to beat Tennessee, so we don’t have to watch the Titans in the postseason.  

Almost There

  1. Washington Redskins          7-8       -24.42                 +3
  2. New York Jets                         5-10    -24.47                 +1
  3. Green Bay Packers                7-8       -26.19                 -3        
  4. Buffalo Bills                          8-7       -28.87             -3
  5. Chicago Bears                          5-10    -29.24                 +2
  6. San Francisco 49ers               5-10    -40.54                 +3
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers       4-11    -50.48                 -1
  8. Arizona Cardinals              7-8       -53.16                 +3

This could very well be Jay Gruden’s last game as head coach of the Redskins since Daniel Snyder has such a short leash. Todd Bowles was just given a two-year extension since he has gotten the most out of the terrible Jets this year. Green Bay will look like a much different team next season. Buffalo technically can still make the playoffs, but it will be at least another season before they end the playoff drought. John Fox might be looking for a new job at the end of the year, but he hasn’t done a bad job with this team. San Francisco has clearly found the quarterback of the future as Jimmy G. has won his fourth straight game. It was announced today that Dirk Koetter was coming back which puts the Jon Gruden rumors to rest. The Bruce Arians’ rumors are still up in the air, so it is a wait and see in the desert.

Bucket Full of Yuck

  1. Cincinnati Bengals                 6-9       -53.41                 +1
  2. Oakland Raiders                     6-9       -56.11                 -3
  3. Houston Texans                     4-11    -60.30                 -6
  4. Denver Broncos                      5-10    -84.53                 NC
  5. Indianapolis Colts                  3-12    -89.79             +1
  6. Miami Dolphins                      6-9       -96.49                 -1
  7. New York Giants               2-13    -113.34              NC
  8. Cleveland Browns                  0-15    -122.71              NC

For those of you old enough to remember the Bengals of the 90s, get ready to welcome them back next season when Marvin Lewis leaves football purgatory. It’s been a rough season for Raiders’ fans who were expecting a Super Bowl run. The statistical advances that Deshaun Watson brought to the team have finally worn off. If John Elway was anyone else, would he keep his job after this season? The Colts are for sure going to be on the head coach search. I hope Adam Gase returns with the Dolphins for another season with Ryan Tannehill. The Giants will be in full rebuild mode next year. The Browns are still the Browns, but I’ll hope they don’t draft Sam Darnold.

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