The Square Pigeon’s Pipeline: NFL Week 10

by | Nov 9, 2018 | NFL

NFL Week 10

The Square Pigeon Pipeline is in its third year here at the Spooky Express. Jason delivers his thoughts and picks on both college football and the NFL each and every week.

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This season I’m going to do quick hits of all the games except the Thursday night game.

Each game I’ll give a short synopsis and my picks for the point spread and the over/under.

Bookmaker has the lines for the games this week.

Here’s to four months of happiness!

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Guys, we really need to sit back and understand what we are seeing with the Bills this year. This is clearly the worst team performance at quarterback in NFL history. As of Friday, they don’t know who they are starting on Sunday. Matt Barkley is in the mix to start. MATT BARKLEY!!! Yeah, it is that bad.

PICK: NEW YORK -7      UNDER 36.5


Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns

So, Gregg Williams takes over coaching duties, and the Browns quit playing defense. Honestly, the team has given up at this point. The firing of the head coach and offensive coordinator plus the reports that Gregg Williams will be gone at the end of the year is a clear white flag on the season. Atlanta should roll to their fourth straight win.



New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals

The Saints took down the last undefeated team in the league. That was a huge win because it will give them the tiebreaker over the Rams. These two teams are destined to face each other again in the NFC Championship game. I have nothing of interest on the Bengals. They’ll probably limp into the playoffs and lose during the wild card round.



Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

For a team that doesn’t get any hype, the Redskins are doing pretty good this year. Granted, they’re heading for the same conclusion as the Bengals. Tampa is a cluttered countertop. At this point, you search through the mess to find the little bit that you still need and then throw everything else in the garbage.



New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans

They did it to us again. The horrible start to the season is seeming an annual aberration for the New England Patriots. Conversely, the Titans are stumbling through the season. They snapped a three-game losing streak with a win on Monday Night Football, but it was against the Cowboys. So…they will get smashed this week against a real team.


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Miami Dolphins at Green Bay Packers

It’s going to be cold Sunday in Green Bay with the forecast calling for a high of 36 degrees. The kids from Miami need to bundle up. It’s historically thought that the Dolphins struggle in cold weather, but that notion is a bit overrated. The real problem with the Dolphins is that Brock Osweiler is still starting at quarterback.

PICK: GREEN BAY -10    OVER 47.5


Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

This is not the Jacksonville Jaguars of last year. They absolutely need this win to try and fix the disaster season. I can’t believe that Blake Bortles is still starting. The Jags and Colts are tied at 3-5 right now, and with a win, the Jags would be potentially within a game of a wild card spot.



Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

Khalil Mack is expected to make his return this game, so Matt Stafford better put on his big boy pants. The Bears will unleash Mack and company against Stafford early and often. Without the short passing game that was highlighted by Golden Tate, I don’t know how the Lions will move the ball in this game.



Arizona Cardinals at Kansas City Chiefs

This is going to be a massive blowout. I guess this could be one of those “trap” games especially because the Chiefs play the Rams next week; however, I would only consider this if the Cardinals resembled an actual NFL team. The Chiefs could literally sit their starters this game and get the win by double digits.

PICK: KANSAS CITY -16.5    OVER 49.5


Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders

I have been waiting for the Chargers to implode the entire season, but they keep playing good football. They have been living in the massive shadow of the Chiefs in the AFC West. This week, they will have a massive statement game as they squash their division rival Raiders.



Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams

The Rams will make a big bounce back this week after losing to the Saints last week. Seattle, however, is playing good enough to give them a challenge just like they did earlier in the year. I think the spread is a bit inflated in this game, so I have to take Russell Wilson.



Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

Hey NFL, thanks for another NFC East matchup in prime time. The Eagles are well under their achievements of last season, and the Cowboys are still saddled with owner issues. I have no interest in watching this game. The Eagles will be disappointing, and the Cowboys will waste their offensive talent

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