The Square Pigeon’s Pipeline: NFL Super Bowl LIII

by | Feb 3, 2019 | NFL

NFL Divisional Weekend

The Square Pigeon Pipeline is in its third year here at the Spooky Express. Jason delivers his thoughts and picks on both college football and the NFL each and every week.

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Yay…the Patriots are in the Super Bowl. Again. Not only that but the Saints lost which gives us the least likely probability for a Patriots loss. Of course, I didn’t think the Eagles would pull it off last year either.

I doubt I can put aside my extreme bias to even attempt to make a decent prediction, so let’s have some fun and predict a bunch of Super Bowl prop bets.

I found all of these bets on Bookmaker.

I will give this small thought out there on the actual game. The Rams need to do two things to win this game. First, they need to take away James White. Tom Brady hasn’t been the key to this offense for a couple of seasons now. White is the key to this game for the Rams defense. In the Patriots losses, he only averaged 45 yards from scrimmage, and in their wins, he averaged 86 yards from scrimmage (including the playoffs). However, it isn’t even his production as much as when he produces. He seems to be the go to guy on third down.

On offense, the Rams need to run it and run it some more. Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson will need to put up at least 200 yards combined. In four of their five losses, the Patriots allowed over 150 rushing yards. The Chargers and Chiefs didn’t try to pound the ball enough against New England. With any luck, Sean McVay will keep the ball out of Jared Goff’s hands for as long as possible.

Length of National Anthem Over/Under 110 seconds: OVER

Gladys Knight has the honor this year, and over on YouTube, there is a rendition of hers that is clocked at 90 seconds or so. Now, that is from 1991 (supposedly) which is well before Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin gave record setting performances. Knight goes for the record.

Coin Toss Heads or Tails: TAILS

Of course, tails never fails!

The team that calls toss wins it: NO

New England gets to call it, and Matthew Slater always calls heads.

Who scores first: LOS ANGELES

Unlike Matt Hasselback, they’ll get the ball and score.

Team to use the first timeout: LOS ANGELES

I’m pretty sure Goff is wetting himself over playing this game. It might happen on their first drive.

The color of Gatorade thrown on the coach: YELLOW

That flavor is nasty and is only on the sideline to throw on a coach.


Look, we all know Brady is going to get it again when the Patriots win; however, Anderson is at +3081, and he has had a great run since joining the Rams. This isn’t his first big game (actually his third but he played very little in the Denver/Seattle game); furthermore, he played well in the last one.  

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Will a play that Tony Romo predicts the result in a TD: YES

Romo has been doing this every game for the past two seasons. He’ll have his film study down for his first Super Bowl.

Will it be mentioned that Brady was selected 199th: YES

For the love of god, we all know but that won’t stop them from repeating it every single week of every single season.

Will it be mentioned that Gurley and Michel were teammates: YES

This is a given too. They have to crank out all of these public interest facts for all of the non-fans who are watching for the commercials.

Will both Gurley and Anderson score a TD: YES

I know everything can’t be “yes,” but this should definitely happen. I like the bet even more at +500.

Any scoring drive shorter than the National Anthem: YES

The Patriots will have this in the bag right before halftime. A 45-second drive to get a field goal.

Who will throw the first interception: BRADY

I’m not just hating on this one. Talib and Peters are really good. Plus, the Rams can bring the pressure.

I picked out some fun ones, but there a ton more over at Bookmaker. Make sure you head over there and take a peek.

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