Top 5 Remaining Free Agents in the NFL

by Tyler Vaysman | March 30, 2020 |

There are a lot of high profile NFL players still on the market for new teams. Several of them could greatly impact their next team, especially if they are a missing piece to a championship team.

Best Five Options

This free agency is crowded with a lot of quarterbacks, but there are still other positions that are not as plentiful. I would argue that if my team needed a player, or specifically a linebacker, then Markus Golden is the best option here.

  • Cam Newton – Quarterback
  • Jadevon Clowney – Defensive End
  • Ronald Darby – Cornerback
  • Markus Golden – Linebacker
  • Eric Reid – Safety

Cam Newton

Newton was once the 2015 NFL MVP. He has had some of the best football you would have likely seen out of him. Unfortunately, the last two seasons have been awful for him and he only played in two games last season. I would not give up on him just yet. He is a starter for sure and is proven to be a winner.

Jadevon Clowney

Clowney is asking for a lot of money compared to what teams are willing to give him. He has not had a season where he had over double digits in sacks, but he is one heck of a pass rusher. If picked up by the right team and if they get him for a good price then he is definitely worth it.

Ronald Darby

When this guy is healthy, you get to see him perform his best. Unfortunately he has battled injuries often, with 2018 and 2019 ending the seasons on the injured reserve list. He has the potential to be a high profile athlete and he is only 26. Hopefully he can stay healthy and the right team picks him up.

Markus Golden

Another great value and underrated player, Golden recently topped double digits in sacks for the second time in his career. The only thing going against him right now is that ACL injury back in 2017. This should be ignored and teams need to give this guy a chance to help their roster.

Eric Reid

Ried has been able to step up his game and play a little more consistent on the field. If he can stay nice off the field, that would be great too. He recently is coming off a career high 130 combined tackles and six pass defenses. He has potential for sure if the right managed team picks him up.

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