NFL Betting Strategy: Pay Attention To ATS Records, More Than SU Records!

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Other Sports, Sports Betting Tips

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We all like to sit around and watch the NFL Network or ESPN leading up to the big game and usually our final decision comes from something that is said or something you find out but you have to ask yourself, is that the best way to stay sustainable?

When you are into betting on NFL Football, you have to sort of brainwash your mind to get away from “Who wins” and “Who loses” and start focusing more on strictly the ATS numbers. When we listen to ESPN or the NFL Network or even in most of your major online news media sources, most of the terminology is referred to in the straight up aspect of the sport.

Unless you are reading a website like the Spooky Express or another strictly gambling website, chances are you will hear nothing about the ATS number and strictly about their SU records. That can sort of brainwash you into betting one way or another.

A prime example of this is if you go over to or, which are the two most popular websites during the NFL season according to both, and look for the ATS records, you simply can’t find anything on such records. That is because these websites utilize information that is directly indicative of the final goal for the teams, which is straight up standings and making playoffs.

But for a gambler, those numbers really are on the backburner for the most part because we are mostly interested in the ATS records. If a team is 10-2 SU but only 3-7 ATS, how does that benefit a gambler?

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The only real way to correct this major issue is to start doing your homework and pay attention to the ATS numbers. I’m not saying don’t look at the straight up records but simply pay MORE attention to the ATS numbers. Consider it like making a pizza. When you make a pizza, you need dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. You can have the dough and cheese but without the sauce, it isn’t a pizza, it’s more like cheese bread! This is the same thing… can look at the real numbers and real records but in order to get a safe bet, you need to look at all things considered, mainly being the ATS numbers.

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