NHL Playoff Betting Preview: Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights – Monday, Sept. 14, 2020

by Ayden Fahlstrom | September 14, 2020 |

The Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights will suit up for Game 5 action on Monday night inside the Edmonton bubble. The game starts at 8:00PM ET and will be televised on NBCSN for those that want to watch.

The Dallas Stars have an opportunity to close this series out as they lead 3-1. It’s been a tight series, but Dallas has always had an answer for Vegas and it has catapulted them into a near-ideal situation. The Stanley Cup Finals is just one game away for Dallas.

On the other hand, Vegas is in quite a hole right now. They’re not out just yet and the Dallas Stars shouldn’t get complacent with a team like this, but the Golden Knights do need to win three straight in order to advance any further. It’s a difficult road, but who better than Vegas?

Can the Dallas Stars Close Out the Series on Monday?

The Dallas Stars need their goaltending to remain crisp for Game 5. They’ve made it difficult for Vegas to score and have made it easy for their offense to focus on scoring at the right moments. The Stars only allowed 6 goals up to this point in the series, with 3 of them coming in their only loss.

With that being said, Dallas needs to do a better job of putting the puck in the net. They’ve scored when it matters, but that’s not a sustainable way to play in the NHL, especially heading into the Stanley Cup Finals. They need a big victory to gain momentum with the Tampa Bay Lightning nearing an end to their series as well.

Will the Vegas Golden Knights Spark a Series Comeback?

The Vegas Golden Knights weren’t hoping to be in this position four games into their series with the Dallas Stars. It’s their second Conference Finals visit in three years and should be their third if last season’s semi finals went better.

They can make it their second trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in three years if they can mount a comeback, but it won’t be easy. Three games in a row is a lot to ask, but it’s what the Golden Knights have set themselves up for. We’ll see if they can respond as needed.

Dallas Stars vs. Vegas Golden Knights Betting Lines

Will the Dallas Stars put an end to this series or will the Vegas Golden Knights extend it? BetOnline has the Vegas Golden Knights (-169) with the 1.5-goal advantage over the Dallas Stars (+152). They also have the over/under listed at 5 total goals.

What’s Our Pick?

The sportsbooks have the Vegas Golden Knights winning this game, and I have to agree with them. I don’t think the Vegas Golden Knights are ready to go home and think they’ll find a way to score often against a tired goalie.

Final Score 5-2, Vegas Golden Knights.

Spooky Express Free Pick: Vegas Golden Knights (-169)

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