5 Essential Tips for Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

by Cole Paganelli | February 7, 2020 |

Playing blackjack on the web isn’t that much different than playing it in land-based casinos. Nowadays, online casino platforms go one step further in order to bring the live experience closer to you.

One of the ways they do it is by offering the concept of the so-called “live casino” which features real-life dealers who are live-streamed to your device. That way, you get to feel the exciting atmosphere of a live casino, and still be able to play games from the comfort of your home.

Choose a Table with a Low Minimum Bet

The lower the minimum bet is, the better. In ideal circumstances, the minimum bet for a blackjack table shouldn’t be bigger than 5% compared to your bankroll. That way, you’ll be able to make more betting combinations and adopt the best possible strategy when playing the game. Moreover, you’ll be in control of your bankroll all the time during the session.

Don’t Take Insurance Bets

Insurance bets are evil. If you want to keep the house edge to a minimum in the game of blackjack, you should always stay clear from making insurance bets. In fact, you may stumble upon many other blackjack variants when playing it with a live dealer, and the best possible strategy is to avoid all side bets that are offered to you.

Use Blackjack Strategy Charts

Playing blackjack in land-based casinos means that you have to memorize strategy charts. Yet, that’s a lot easier when you’re playing online. You can simply open a chart in another window and quickly determine what the best action is for any given hand during the game. That’s also possible when playing live blackjack. Remember — there’s no way for the live dealer to know about your little cheat sheet.

Focus on One Hand at a Time

Focus plays an important role in the age of the Internet, where everything is fast-paced, and the attention span is short. Try closing all other windows when playing live dealer games. This is very important for social media. Log off from your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other medium that may cause distraction. This will help you focus on the game more and get the most of it.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Finally, live dealer blackjack is a very entertaining game, and inexperienced players can sometimes get carried away and spend more money than they initially planned to. Moreover, some people can spend way too much time playing this game, so it’s important that you keep track of both your time and money.

These five steps are not the only thing to know when it comes to online live dealer blackjack. However, they are a good starting point that will help you improve your overall blackjack skills and help you enjoy the game more. If you’re new to the world of live casino games, make sure to get comfortable with the interface before you actually start your online session. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll see how interesting these live dealer games can get!

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