JAZZ Sports announces Madden 20 NFL Season and Playoffs

by Earl Campbell | May 24, 2020 |

Jazzsports.ag have teamed up with Madden20 and Twitch to deliver you a short simulated (PC versus PC) NFL season and Playoffs amongst all 32 NFL teams. Each team will play one time against each team from their own Conference (every team plays 15 games); the top 8 teams from each Conference will advance to the Playoffs.  You will be able to bet on each and every game and also watch each game LIVE as it’s being played out. There will be 8 games per day and every game will start every 2 hours.

All rosters are updated as of right now, meaning you'll find Tom Brady on the Buccaneers, Joe Burrow on the Bengals, DeAndre Hopkins on the Cardinals, and many more.

Rules and Regulations:

– You will be able to bet on every game as if it were a real game: Game totals, quarters, halves and full game spreads.

– You will be able to create Straight Wagers, Parlays, Teasers and Reverses for this Madden20 tournament.

– There will be no human interaction during these games as we will set up each game under a PC vs PC model and let them play out each game.

– Each game will be played as a realistic match, and there will be substitutions amongst starting lineup and backups. Players can also get fatigued or injured and be subbed out.

– You will have access to see each game as it is being streamed live through our Twitch Channel (WorldVirtualSports2). You can also see replays of past games for the past 7 days from when it was played.

– Each game will be simulated for 60 minutes, with each quarter lasting 15 minutes. In the unlikely event that a an Madden20 stream crashes midway through the game, we will handle this as if it were a real game. If the game is interrupted before 55 minutes of play, previously graded spread-bets will be respected, however, the game will be reproduced with new odds and played as the last game of the day. If the game is interrupted after 55 minutes of play, the game will be regarded as official and the score will be set as final. There will be no replay of the game.

– There are in-game injuries, however, the injured player will be fully healthy the following match.

– Two-way ties in the standings are broken by the Head to head matchup.


The 1st Round of the Playoffs will consist on the best seeded team in the AFC playing against the worst seeded team in the NFC. The second-best seeded team in the AFC against the second worst seeded team in the NFC. This format will continue throughout the 1st Round of the Madden20 Playoffs.

Playoff Schedule

First Round:                                                               

G1         NFC 8  AFC 1                                                              

G2         NFC 7  AFC 2                                                              

G3         NFC 6  AFC 3                                                              

G4         NFC 5  AFC 4                                                              

G5         AFC  5  NFC 4                                                             

G6         AFC 6   NFC 3                                                             

G7         AFC 7   NFC 2                                                             

G8         AFC 8   NFC 1                                                             

The 2nd Round, 3rd Round and Super Bowl game will feature the winners of each round.

2nd Round:    

G9         G5 Winner       G1 Winner                                                                  

G10       G3 Winner       G7 Winner                                                                  

G11       G6 Winner       G2 Winner                                                                  

G12       G4 Winner       G8 Winner                                                                  

3rd Round                                                   

G13       G10 Winner    G9 Winner                                                                  

G14       G11 Winner    G12 Winner                                                               


G15       G13 Winner    G14 Winner

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