Learning The Rules of 3-Card Rummy

by Cole Paganelli | March 25, 2020 |

In 3 Card Rummy a standard deck of 52 cards is used with cards ranked in their poker value and the ace is always low. The main goal of the game if to get less points than the dealer. You do this by trying to get low cards, pairs, and connectors that are the same suit. For the dealer to qualify for the hand they will have to have 20 points or less and if they do not qualify you get the ante paid out 1:1 and the bet is a push.

Rules of 3 Card Rummy:

· You must bet the ante and the bonus bet is optional
· You and the dealer are dealt three cards with your hand face-up and the dealer’s face down.
· You have the option to fold or bet, which is equal to the ante bet.
· If you bet the dealer shows their cards and whoever has the lowest card value wins the ante and the bet.

Here are the card values in 3 Card Rummy:

· 2 to 10 – Face Value
· Jack, Queen, King – 10 points
· Ace – 0 Points
· 3 of a Kind – 0 points
· 2-card suited run – 0 points
· 3-card suited run – 0 points

3 Card Rummy Payouts:

As mentioned before the bet is the same amount as the ante but you can win more with different point values.

Here is the bet payout table for 3 Card Rummy:

· 0 Score – 4:1
· 1-5 Score – 2:1
· 6-19 Score – 1:1

You also can make the bonus bet playing 3 Card Rummy. This bet will pay out according to the point total of your hand and unlike the regular bet you do not need to beat the dealer in order to get the payout.

Here is the bonus bet payout table:

· A-2-3 of same suit – 100:1
· 0 Score – 25:1
· Score 1-6 – 2 :1
· Score 7-10 1:1
· Score 11-12 4:1
· Score 13-30 – loss

3 Card Rummy Strategy Tips

3 Card Rummy strategy is pretty easy to understand and there are some tips that you can follow in order to increase your chances of winning.

· Bet if you have a hand that is showing a score of 20 points or less and, conversely, if you have a hand that has a score of 21 points or more it is a good idea to fold.
· The dealer must have a hand of 20 or less in order to qualify. If your score is 20 or higher it is not a good idea to make a bet since you will only win if the dealer does not qualify for the hand. On top of that you will only win the ante bet, with the dealer not qualifying, and the chances are slim that you will beat the dealer if the score of your hand is 20 points or more.
· The bet gives you a better chance to win but it is still a good idea to make the bonus bet. You have a good chance to have a lower score, 12 or less, and the payouts with the bonus bet are better than the regular bet, which is only twice the ante.

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