Online Slots Strategy

by Cole Paganelli | April 6, 2020 |

Many think that there is no such thing as an online slots strategy because the Random Number Generator (RNG) is used and there is no way to get an edge. However, there are some simple strategies that you can use to help you increase your chances of increasing your bankroll.

Before showing some strategies one of the main things when playing slots online is having good bankroll management. Have a certain amount to wager with an do not go past it, as the longer your playing session is the more likely you can come out ahead. Also, do not chase losses, which means do not bet more when you hit a cold streak. They will happen and it is better to chip away at losses rather than to get it all back by betting more money. Doing this is the quickest way to drain your bankroll.

Here are some online slot strategy tips:

· Build Your Bankroll – You should start off small to build your bankroll up and then you can start to bet more. Make smaller bets to increase your bankroll amount before making big bets right off the bat. You will win more by making bigger bets, but it is always a good strategy to first build up your bankroll. Once you increase your bankroll you have some leeway in making higher amount bets that are not as risky and will not drain your bankroll quickly.
· Know the Game – The more you know the online slot game the more likely it is you can come out ahead playing it. Find out what all the features are, the betting limits, and the maximum bet you need to make to get the max payout.
· Play for Free – This strategy helps you with the strategy above. Most online casinos will have a demo mode for slot games that allow you to play for free. Playing for free gives you a great feel for the game and you can really know how to play before playing for real money.
· Look for Games Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, and Multipliers – Slot games that have bonus rounds, free spins, and multipliers simply give you more chances to win. You may have to wager more for these types of games but often even with these features you can find them for low stakes. The more chances you have to win the better, which is why you should look for slot games that have these features.
· Check RTP Percentage – RTP refers to as Return to Player percentage in how much players are paid back out of a $1.00. If you see a RTP of 96% it means 96 cents out of every dollar played goes to the player. The higher the slot game’s RTP is the more of a chance you have to win.

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