The Martingale Roulette Strategy – All You Need to Know

by Ayden Fahlstrom | January 17, 2020 |

Although roulette is a game of chance, there’s still a couple of things we can do in order to improve our overall success. One of the most popular betting strategies is called the martingale, and it is used by thousands of roulette lovers around the world.

Before we proceed with explaining how it works, you need to take into account that no strategy can help you gain the edge over the house. Roulettes are designed in such a way that your winnings will always depend on your luck. Therefore, martingale should be used with caution and mainly for fun.

Choose an Even Bet

The first step for the martingale approach is to choose one of the even bet. These are 50/50 bets such as red/black, odd/even, and 1-18/19-36. In other words, you need to bet on one of those bets where you have 50% chance to win (well, that’s not actually 50%, but that’s a topic for another article).

Made a Minimum Bet

Ideally, your first bet should be the minimum possible bet for that table. Once you place your chips, wait for the wheel to spin. The result will determine what to play next.

Double When Lose, Reset to Minimum When Win

So, the rule for the martingale strategy is pretty simple. Whenever you lose a bet, double it up. Whenever you win it, reset back the bet amount to the one you started with (minimum). Here’s how this works.

If you start by betting 5 in your denomination, and you lose, you should increase to 10. If you lose again, then increase to 20. Lose once again? Increase to 40.

At this point, you bet a total of 5+10+20+40, which is 75 in bets. But what happens if you win on your 40 bet? You win 80, as all 50/50 bets pay 1:1. In other words, you increased all your previous investments by 5.

No matter how you invest, whenever you win, you will increase your money by 5 in the end.

The Downside of Martingale

Roulette wouldn’t be profitable for casinos if this strategy worked every time. That’s why they imposed the minimum and the maximum betting amount. For example, if the max betting amount is 100, and you miss your bet several times in the row, you will start losing money.

In other words, you still need a lot of luck in order to get your bet right without doubling up to the maximum bet allowed.

The other downside to this game is that you’re going to win money slowly. Every time you win, you will increase your bankroll just by the minimum betting amount. Roulette players love surprises and big wins, which is why they prefer making inside bets that pay much more than the even ones. Therefore, use martingale to have fun and explore roulette, but don’t rely on it as a strategy that guarantees winnings.

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