Learning how to play and what is Caribbean Stud Poker

by Ayden Fahlstrom | March 18, 2020 |

Caribbean Poker, also called Caribbean Stud Poker, is not a true poker game, but rather a casino game since you are playing against the house (dealer) not against other players. The game became popular at casinos in the Caribbean, hence the name, and on ships that allowed gambling. It can now be played the world over at online and land-based casinos.

The Game

The Caribbean Stud Poker is played on a table with a dealer and seven players and played with one 52-card deck. Where the players are at on the table in a place to ante and make a bet.

The Hands

The rules for Caribbean Stud Poker are rather simple and similar to other poker games. The hand ranks from best to worst are:

· Royal Flush
· Straight Flush
· Four of a Kind
· Full House
· Flush
· Straight:
· Three of a Kind
· Two Pairs
· One Pair
· High Card

The Ante and the Bet

When the players make their mandatory ante bet the dealer will then deal five cards to the player or players and then for themselves. The dealer will show the top card of their five cards while you still cannot look at your hand.

When the dealer pushes their five cards closer to you it signifies it is your turn and you can then check out your hand. You then make a decision how good your hand is, and you can fold or bet. If you bet the amount will be twice as much as the ante.

The Qualifying Factor

After all the players have made their actions in folding or betting the dealer will show their cards and then arrange them making the best poker hand. The dealer will try to qualify meaning they will have to have an Ace-King or better and if they do not they will not qualify and the players will win even money on the ante and the bet money is a push. If the dealer does qualify they will compare their hand to the players on the table who are still in the hand.

If the dealer wins they will win the ante and the bet. If the player has the better hand they win even money on the ante and the bet. The amount of the bet money won will depend on their hand and here are the hands and their payouts.

One Pair or Lower – 1:1
Two Pair – 2:1
Three of a Kind – 3-1
Straight – 4:1
Flush – 5:1
Full House – 7:1
Four of a Kind – 20:1
Straight Flush – 50:1
Royal Flush – 100:1

While Caribbean Stud Poker has aspects of poker in it, mainly for hand rankings, it is different in that you are playing against the dealer and there is no bluffing involved. On top of that sometimes it can be irritating if you are dealt a great hand with the possibility of a great payout but if the dealer does not qualify you will only win the ante.

Caribbean Stud Poker is simple to play and can be found at land-based casinos and online casinos. Typically, you can play the game longer considering there is no way to go “all in” or make big bets since the max bet is twice the amount of the ante and no more. However, because of this the game usually has a ante that is higher than other casino games.

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