5 Mistakes You May Be Making In Poker

by Tyler Vaysman | April 20, 2020 |

With a good poker strategy, the successful players tend to win more than they lose. For some players, they tend to forget a few simple rules. We are human, and thus it is common for us to lose focus or overlook a minor detail that prevents us from winning the pot.

Details You May Miss

In avoiding these common mistakes, you can set yourself up for better odds in your poker games. The following mistakes to watch for are:

Missing the value bet
Wasting the bluff
Calling pairs too high on pairs pre-flop
Letting your opponent get in your head
Showing your hand

Missing The Value Bet

Imagine you are at the river card and you have a good hand. Then, instead of betting you decide to check or call any bet that is a reasonable amount. Finally, both of your hands are revealed and you win the pot.

Depending on the size of the pot, you could have made it bigger based on the size of your value bet. Making steady value bets like these will increase your profits over the long haul.

Wasting The Bluff

You have your well thought out bluffing strategy down pat. The issue is, you are doing it to a rookie. This is never a good move, unless they are the ones pressing. You should be focused on the table and their habits versus trying to take out a rookie.

Calling Pairs Too High On Pre-Flops

If you are calling high bets with a pocket pair of twos or even fives, this needs to stop. You need to evaluate your bets to make sure this is the best value going forward. If you decide to call, then the only chance after the pre-flop you have is the flop.

If you get a match to your pair to make it a three of a kind on the flop, then that is great. If not, this is the time to fold before you waste any more money. The odds are unfortunately against you if you take it any further.

Letting Your Opponent Get In Your Head

You need to stay focused on the table and do not let your opponent psych you out. If you do not stay focused, this will cause distractions, placing bets you do not need to do, and you will miss out of your strategy.

Showing Your Hand

Finally, showing your hand willingly at the end of a round when your opponent folds is a high mistake. This gives the table clues to how you play and it lets them all pick up your cues to bluffing.

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