Online Baccarat Strategy

by Ayden Fahlstrom | April 9, 2020 |

Baccarat is simple and fun game to play and how can you go wrong playing the game of choice for James Bond? Playing online is not much different than playing at a land-based casinos but there are some minor differences. You can increase your chances of winning playing online baccarat by following a few simple strategies. Let’s check them out here:

· Avoid the Tie Bet – Most experienced baccarat players and most articles you will find online tell you the tie bet is one to avoid. They are right. The tie bet could look very attractive, but it is a loser 91% of the time. That’s right the tie bet win percentage is only 9% and the payout is a good one but over time playing the tie bet often is a losing proposition.
· Play the Banker Bet More Often than Not – There are only three bets in baccarat in the banker, player, and tie. It was already mentioned that the tie is not a good bet and another good strategy is to bet the banker more than the player. When you look at the house edge it is better for the banker bet even though you pay a commission to the house for making that wager. In an online casino that takes the typical 5% commission for the banker bet the odds are still in your favor for that wager in the long run.
· Look for the Lowest Banker Commission – This is an extension of the previous strategy, as it was mentioned the banker bet has the lower house edge and you should look for the casino that takes the lowest commission. Before starting your baccarat session check out the banker bet commission, as the lower the better. The lower the commission is for the banker bet lower the house edge will be, overall, for that bet.
· Do Not Pay Attention to Patterns – This strategy applies to many casino games. If the player wins five hands in a row the odds are just the same for the next hand. Streaks happen but they are not something to base a strategy on. The online casinos will show the last few wins and like showing the last few numbers hit in roulette the following play has nothing to do with the previous one. Continue to play the right strategy and do not deviate from it thinking you can improve your odds paying attention to patterns.

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