Poker Strategy – Learn When To Raise To Your Hand

by | Sep 2, 2017 | Poker News

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One of the single best ways of placing the advantage on your side, is by knowing when to raise your hand. This article will focus on showing you when you should be raising and what to look for after you raise.

Raise On Solid Hands

If your hand is a solid hand and you do not need to draw any cards or get any additional cards to win, raise your hand! Many people will lay low and try to bluff their opponents into raising but that is an unnecessary risk that can come back to bite you in the backside. By raising, you will force your opponents to fold on weak hands or on hands that require extra cards to win. If you have a solid hand, raise!!!


Raise On Hands You Think Are The Strongest In The Game

If you think that you have the best hand in the game, raise. This should be common sense but sometimes we second guess ourselves. When you think you have the strongest hand and show your confidence by raising, it will force everyone else with weaker hands to fold, thus narrowing the field and placing your competition directly in front of you.

Raise On Bluff’s!

Many times, we will have nothing but there is a possibility of getting something on the draw. When you have the ability to bluff, sometimes it will force some other players out of the game and if your bluff is real strong, it may even force out some players that could have beat you. With raising on the bluff, it appears that you are stronger and cause others to second guess themselves.

Raise To Find Information

Have you ever been sitting there with your hand in limbo, not really knowing if it is a good hand or not. Then you look at your neighbor and try to figure out if they have a good hand. During the pre-flop, many times they will stand and you really don’t know anything more than you knew at the beginning. Well, one way to find out info is to raise your hand. Once you raise, your neighbor and opponent will have to either raise (which will show a strong hand), call (which will also show a strong hand) or fold (which will show a weak hand and eliminate to competition).

The bottom line, raising your hand is a great way of finding out if your opponent is sitting with a good hand or if they are bluffing. Use it to your advantage and raise those hands!!!

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