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by | Jan 13, 2018 | Poker News

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One of the most entertaining games to play at any online casino is Video Poker.  Video Poker is available at most all of the Spooky Express online casinos. Video Poker is not only fun but can be profitable when played right.  The most important thing to remember is you must have a strategy set in place before you make your first wager with an entry and exit plan.  

What we mean by that is you must know before you play, how much you will be willing to wager and at what point you will stop playing and take your winnings with you.  This is important for your sustainability and to maintain a long term bank roll.

If you set yourself up with a entry and exit strategy prior to playing Video Poker, you will fair much better in the long run because your risk and reward are known going in and the disappointment of losing is already known, yet the amount of the win is also known going in so you can sort of prepare yourself for the worst and hope for the best.  

What we recommend is that you come up with a number that you are totally comfortable with losing.  When you make your deposit at one of our recommended online casinos, tell yourself that you have already lost that money.  That is your entry point.  If you feel comfortable losing $100, then make the deposit for $100 and hope you can win a few games to turn that $100 into a few hundred dollars but if not, you knew going in that you would lose $100.  

Now, on the other hand, you want to come up with a number that you are going to stop playing at once you win.  For example, if you would be very happy and content winning $500, make $500 your exit point. That means once you get to $500, you automatically stop playing….no matter what!  That would mean you have rolled your initial $100 deposit over 5x’s and you would be done for the night. This will prevent you from not only losing too much money but it will also make sure that if you get your account up to a certain point, you will leave the casino game with some winnings and not roll it all back into that same game.

It is always fun to win but what makes it much more delightful to play is when you actually pocket some of the money you win.  When you use this entry and exit strategy, it assures you that you won’t lose more than you are comfortable with and when you win money, you will actually be able to keep some of that money.


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