What Types of Poker Players There Are?

by Cole Paganelli | January 24, 2020 |

Last time, we talked about the types of poker play, concluding that there are four basic types — loose, tight, passive and aggressive. Basically, players’ playing styles can be derived into four categories.

These are loose-passive, tight-passive, loose-aggressive, and tight-aggressive. Therefore, every player’s approach to playing poker can be described through a combination of starting hands and betting patterns. Let’s take a look at each of these types and how to approach them when playing poker.

The Tight-Passive Player

The player who doesn’t play a lot of hands and doesn’t usually raise bets when they play their hands is called the rock. This nickname means they are very hard to crack in the game. Although many players would agree that being the rock is not always the most entertaining approach to poker, it could be useful in certain situations. 

One thing is certain, though. Whenever you see one such player go aggressive, it means they definitely have a good hand going on. Unless they bluff! But that’s up to you to tell!

The Loose-Passive Player

A player that decides to proceed with playing their hand but never dares to raise their bets are called the “calling station.” Simply put, they will engage in numerous hands much more than the tight players, but they are not so brave to go aggressive on them. 

This style of play is probably the one you don’t want to adopt when playing poker, because you’ll be in a lot of trouble, risking a lot of hands along the way. All of that leads to losing a lot of money in the process, and you definitely don’t want that.

The Tight-Aggressive Player

A player who is both tight and aggressive is usually called “the TAG.” They don’t play their hands too often, but when they do, they make sure to go aggressive on them, raising their bets more than usual. According to the majority of online poker players who play at multiple tables at the same time, this approach to poker, especially the one on the web, is the best to get the best results. However, the TAG approach is very easy to read through and opponents can easily adapt to it.

The Loose-Aggressive Player

Finally, a player that plays a lot of hands and raises bets in almost all of them is usually described as both loose and aggressive (LAG for short). This is a strategy that comes with a huge risk. You’re basically investing a lot of money into hands that may not be as good. However, some of the best live poker players often adopt this strategy and they can achieve quite a lot with it. Nevertheless, unless you’re really good at poker, don’t overdo it.

As you can see, these four types of players are what basically makes poker interesting in its core. There is one thing you need to remember, though. These types are not strict. Think of it as a gradient, rather than a strict division. In other words, players can be more or less loose or aggressive. It’s a scale, and it’s up to you to rank players on that scale. 

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