Becoming a Successful Bookie with Pay Per Head

by Frank Benjamin | March 23, 2021 |

There is certainly more than one way you can become a bookie, and perhaps even a successful one.  

One route you could go to set up a sports betting, sportsbook or bookmaking operation would be to negotiate a lease for specialized software, or to develop it yourself, then proceed to look for licensing from some offshore location.  

After that, you can find and rent a location where you can set up an office, complete with a call center and sales team, and of course, a technical structure that includes high-end servers, along with the people who can create the kind of security you'll need to block unwanted intrusions.  

Naturally, you'll have to maintain staff and devote the time to overseeing them.  

But if we are being completely frank with you, the best and only way to do it with any kind of feasibility is through the mechanism provided by the Pay Per Head (PPH) model.  

But before you even think about becoming a bookie, you have to make sure you have the bankroll for your operation.  

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Successful Bookie Operation?  

Pretty much the only thing that the PPH can’t help you with is making sure you have enough bankroll on hand to manage your operations.  

How much bankroll? Well, that depends on how much your customers are putting into action.  

Small Players 

If you are dealing with players who are making lower wagers – perhaps $50 and $100 a game – if you have a few thousand dollars on hand you shouldn't get hurt. This assumes, of course, that the cash flow comes the way it should, and that you are diligent about making your collections so that you are realizing that cash flow in a timely fashion.  

Nickel & Dime Player 

If you have $500 and $1000 players – say twenty of them – we might recommend that you have reserved at least equal to the maximum bet for each of your customers at any given time, which in this case would be $20,000.  

Remember that the worst-case scenario for you would be to get caught in a position where you couldn't meet your obligations to pay winners. That is the quickest route to be an un-successful bookie.  

But if you are careful and follow reasonable guidelines, you will be fine.  

How Does PPH Help You Become a Successful Bookie? 

Building your bookie operation by leveraging PPH is probably the smartest moves you can make. Not only does it allow you easily manage players from almost anywhere, it’s features and benefits allow you to focus on the important aspects of your business.  

Why does the Pay Per Head model help you become a successful bookie? 

  • Simple and low operations cost 
  • Provide a professional appearance 
  • You Have  
  • Increases Productivity 

Simple & Low Operation Costs 

Your costs are very simple: you pay a modest fee per week for only the customers who place a wager with you.  

Is that simple enough?  

Everything is controlled right at your end – nothing happens that is outside of your control. When you sign up with a solid PPH company, they handle all of the “heavy lifting”, taking care of all the other things that you would normally have to do if you were going to run the entire operation on your own.  

Of course, that is because your Pay Per Head service is set up to do precisely that for its clients. They have the software, the servers, the personnel and the security in place, and they can provide everything, literally in a turnkey fashion.  

Provides a Professional Appearance 

Pay Per Head services will truly make you look like a million bucks.  

Seriously, there is no other way through which you can give the appearance of being a major sportsbook without having to take on all the costs and obligations that are normally associated with it. So if you want to call yourself “XYZ Sports,” you can have a custom logo and website that is navigated by the customer along with the exact same lines as the famous sportsbook operators in the world.  

And you will be able to handle the enterprise in much the same way they do;  

  • You'll experience the “back-end” tools that are necessary to be on top of every aspect of the operation. 
  • You'll be ready to accept wagers in a sportsbook, racebook or casino 

The only difference between yourself and the so-called “big boys” is that you are responsible for your own arrangements as far as settling up with your customers, who generally will not be “posting up” with you, the way they would be in the standard online sportsbook setting.  

Increase Productivity 

Pay Per Head gives you a chance to be a successful bookie because it frees you up to do the most important thing, concentrate on that which makes you money.  

For new bookies, this is a very exciting opportunity. And along with the news about such an opportunity, one has to digest some advice that is also critical to becoming a successful bookie going through the Pay Per Head route. Leveraging the PPH model allows you to focus on learning about your operation so you can grow it in a successful bookie operation.  

The Right Pay Per Head Solutions 

To guide you through the process of becoming a successful bookie, you can really use an experienced driver at the wheel, and that is why we highly recommend the professionals at PerHead, who have been at this a long time and can help set you up overnight. 

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